My Story
Publisher: Luigi S
Date: 2017-02-06T20:34:56-05:00

I too wrote too long a bio and am putting it here in case any fur would like to read it all.  


Hi Every Fur!

After mom's beloved Molly (Tuxedo cat) crossed the Bridge, she found out that Tri-Valley Animal Rescue had me up for adoption. My name was “Morrie”, which didn't fit me at all. For some reason they seemed to need to point out that I was Black and was she sure she wanted a Black Cat! I was on the small side in stature and weighed about 7 lbs. They also said I was about 1 year old and that was as big as I would get. NOT! I had big paws and grew right into them and am the size of a small dog. MOL! After much thought and watching me she renamed me Luigi as that seemed to suit me. I responded immediately. I have a penchant for Italian Food and you must guard your plate anytime you are eating it.

I am a Maine Coon, like to ride in the car while sticking my head out of my carrier with my paws on the window to look around. I pant like a doggie (which gets many double takes from drivers in other cars. MOL!) When I want something I bat mom with my paw like a doggie and meow. For example, if my dish is empty I go over to it, look at mom, then my dish indicating HELLO! Empty food dish or not enough in it! (Sometimes she is so slow to catch on and I have to keep going over it!) After she puts some kibble in my dish I wait to be patted on the head and for her to tell me to go ahead and eat, then I do. (It's always good to reinforce parent training.) I love going on Spider Patrol every night. Mom picks me up, carries me to the bedroom, stopping at the bedroom door and says "Spider Patrol!" I look up and around and meow the all clear. The same is done in the bedroom. If there is a spider I chirp and stare untill she see's it and gets it. When it comes to those little black ants that sneak in under the front door now and then, I don't make a sound, but mash them and eat them until mom notices and ruins my fun and meal. I like to talk to mom who says I make whining sounds like Lassie or if I'm making a point sound like a British Police Car Siren. I detest any loud noises, though Smiley gave me a lot more confidence and bravery when he was here. I really miss him and went into a deep depression when he crossed the Bridge. Mom tried everything and though not planning to, ended up bringing me a sisfur. REALLY!!! I ignored her till she got wild, then stayed to myself, which made mom feel horrible. It took over a year and a half and now we do fine with each other. She's still no Smiley. I still go around and cry out for him at night sometimes.

I like to watch the birdies, squirrelies, look out the windows and sometimes watch tv. When I am happy or excited I stick my tongue out, hence the nick name "tongue boy".

My favorite hangouts are 1 of my 3 condos, a special chair or anywhere that Smiley wanted to be except the bed.

My favorite toys are my Catnip Mousie, Pizza, Cigar and Banana.

I have been diagnosed with early CRF and am allergic to the special food so I eat Merrick Limited Ingredient Chicken Kibble and Weruva Canned Food. Oh! And you better feed me at 4 PM precisely! MOL!

My Motto is Semper Feline!

My Nicknames are: Tongue Boy, Beanie Louie, Lou Boy, Louis, Purrin' King, Mr. Luigi

My favorite songs are: Louie, Louie and Meet Me in St. Louis. Most favorite: Hey Good Lookin' and Yes Sir That's My Baby, even though mom does what I've heard is called "singing" them to me.