A bit about Me
Publisher: Yum Yum Harney
Date: 2016-08-18T03:32:23-04:00

Well Meowmie put my story in my bio, but I thought I should write a bit more about me. The most important thing is my hansome furry husband Bonkers and my beautiful kittens Sting and Bean. Like myself Bonkers is a big fluffy cat only he's orange and white. He believes all can be cured by a bath. Sting is a little mottled Munchkin kitten who is a fan of Thor the comic book hero. The old one he insists. He is so cute with his little knit helmet and his little hammer Mew Mew. He enjoys being his Daddy's little helper. Bean is a lilac point Siamese kitten. She's quite a shy little girl. I do so love my life in here in heaven, but of coruse I miss my daddy. I also loved to lie on an old couch cushion on the solarium. Meowmie said I must be part bird and mouse as I perfered chirps and various purr like sounds and squeaks to meowing. I could always endear myself to her by walking up and going buurrrrrrrp? I use to drive her crazy too by reaching up and patting her arm when she was sitting in a chair and asking to be petted and and flattening myself to the floor hehe. Meowmie use to call me a tawny not so scrawny lion when I was shaved. I guess there was a book about a tawny scrawny lion. I love lying on my back to sleep with my paws tucked in and sliding on books. Daddy would leave books sitting on the floor and sometimes I'd slip on them and slid across the floor. Now in heaven I can make it a proper sport to delight Meowmie and Daddy in their dreams.