Publisher: Figgy
Date: 2019-08-28T12:17:35-04:00

Good evening every kitty 

I had me a good day. Mom went out this morning for about an hour with her friend. Then she was home before we even woke up. 

She took me and Loki outside and put us in our tent to play. It was wet from the rain this morning. But we sat in the dry area. 

We enjoy being in our tent cause we get to watch nature go by...butterflies, birds and squirrels all running and flying. Even flies and bees. 

Later in the afternoon when the sun came out, Mom allowed me and Loki to come out of the 1st cause she wanted to be sure I wasn't gonna try to escape, but I did not. She let Loki out and we both walked all over the yard eating grass, and sniffing everything in site. Mom was watching us like a hawk, she was following Loki around to see if would try to escape so she could see where he got out 2 times, but with mom watching him, he never even tried. 

It was fun running all over the yard again like I did when I came home from the shelter. I chased a small white butterfly and almost caught it, but it flew higher then I could jump, so it got away. 

We are all in the house now and we ate our dinner and now we are all napping and mo is at her laptop. 

have a pawsome evening