Funny weather
Publisher: Figgy
Date: 2019-09-03T19:39:15-04:00

Good afternoon
We had a basket full of weather today. Sunshine to start with, then it clouded up, got windy and now we have rain. All of this wind and rain is coming from that Hurricane Dorian.  We are all purraying for our friends who live in  it's path.
Mom let me and Loki play outside and Kelsee came outside, too. She cam downstairs and was munching om grass that is growing on the sidewalk.
I helped mom washed dishes today. Then she cleaned the whole house and did laundry. Mom was a busy bee today. She barely sat down, we were watching her run up and down the stairs to do her laundry.
We all have clean bowls, clean placemats and clean kibble. NO, mom did NOT wash our kibble, but she dumped out the old stuff and gave us new stuff in our clean bowls.
Have a pawsome evening.