Liddle Paws, Big Step
Publisher: Button Bear Cat
Date: 2016-08-16T03:48:41-04:00

I finking about what  a big adventure I is on. I been to uder places and played. I on Facebook and I been to Cathugger, but befur I always have my home at Catster. Catster still der right now, but future not certian. I feels like I step my liddle kitten paws out into big world. I hopes is good one. Is different den adventures I use to. Der I safe at home in da cafe and garden at C&D Plaza and knows all my unkies and aunties and family keep me safe. Dis being on new place and it hab new fings and we haf grow wif it. Soon I knows will be new garden and cafe and my aunties and unkies and family be der. But meanwhiles I haf explore and find my own paf fur my liddle paws.