My 2014 Purrems
Publisher: Button Bear Cat
Date: 2016-08-20T01:20:31-04:00

Der a song dat touch da heart
About horizons old and new
It make me fink, what dis fing
we looks to as a goal
When da horizon in front ub mew
Der anudder one behind
One mew past and one mew future
And dem bookend mewr life
Da sun will sets on one horizon
Da moon rise on da uder
Da never ending influence
Of da past on going forward
I wills walks toward one horizon
And remember da one behind
©Button Bear Cat 1-5-14

I saw da ships on da lake
I counted each in turn
Der was 5 all aglow
Sailing in da night
Where where de going
Where were de come from
What lay on eider shore
All I could sees was der sails
And abouts each one
©Blue Coyote 1-31-14

Da babe was newborn
da mother's first
So many years to come

What can I gives mew
For mew gaves me so much
Dis da mother ask her child
As her looked on it wif love

Time did pass, de bof grew older
And soon da tables turned
Da child now cared fur da mother

What can I gives mew
For mew gaves me so Much
Dis da child ask her mother
As her look on her wif love

Der was no answer eider time
Fur de knew it in der hearts
All need be given was love
©Blue Coyote 1-31-14

Nights ub white tuna
Neber reaching da end
Noms are a plenty
To shares wif my furrends
Birdies fur the watching
outside da window
dem all a tweeting
and fluttering so

It's a kitty's life!
It's a kitty's life!
And I lub it!!!!!!!!!!!!

nappies in suntime
crazies at night
cat nip mousies
full of nippy delight
doggies not know what de missing
wif dem walks and dem bones
da life ub a kitty is da best eber know

It's a kitty's life!
It's a kitty's life!
And I lub it!!!!!!!!!!!!
©Button Cat 6-8-14

Rusty a name fur many fings
Mew might name mewr dog dat
Or mewr red haired towheaded son
Mew might use as curse word
When mew can't turn a screw
Mew find fings to combat it
oil, steel wool, Rustolium
Mew say it bout mewr joints
When dem creak and ache and groan
Some might hab yelled it at a baseball player
about da way him hitting
And it also happen be him name
was probably furry fitting
Rusty is a fing and a word
On which mew can rely
After all if mew fink on it
Rusty rhymes wif trusty
©Button Bear Cat 9-15-14

It smells ub noms
When mew gonna gib dem to me
It smells ub dog
Mew are officially shunned
It smells ub uder kitties
Who have mew been seeing
It smells ub nip
Much drooling ensuses
It smells ub rain
I'll bes under da bed
It smells ub cat hater
I'll bes in der lap
It smells ub sleep
I'll bes on mew face
©Button Bear 10-13-14

Upon on da table,der is bowl
It full of water and rocks
Inside lives creature
Dat seem to breath water
It go around in circles
It never walk on land
I not suppose to touch it
But it smell so furry good
I hope I gets left alones
Wif dat creature furry soon
cos it sure seem to me
We must do lunch
©Button Bear Cat 12-4-14

Wif nose to ground
Da hunter stalk
Da smell is strong
Da target close
Jus der ahead
I sees it clear
A lap dat need
A kitty der
©Button Bear Cat 12-5-14

De are sisters, des two mighty ships
Beginning and end, together sit
One furever gaurd over de uder
Missouri and Arizona
©Button Bear Cat 12-7-14

A tale der is
about a girl
who had a purty voice
her played tricks
and told great tales
to keep a secret quiet
but da secret get out
and her punished thus
her voice taken away
her could only repeat
such as her heard others say
a boy she loved wandered near
and her tried to draw him in
but she was shunned
and now wanders as an echoing beast
©Button Bear Cat 12-9-14

I is not cat
I is ninja
I is clawed
I will wins
You will regrets
Da day mew born
©Button Bear cat 12-21-14

Response to Wednesday Challenge
While da year had lots of sads
Some happies also stood out clear
My favit team won da big game
De now has another championship ring
Another year wif my family and friends
And so many furs helped by purrs
A new brofur joined my family
And new cousins, such joy there be
I joined a group and learned I could write
A new way to shine my kitten light
Yes fur sads, an answer I has
Lots of purrs and remember da glad.
©Button Bear Cat 12-30-14