My 2015 Purrems
Publisher: Button Bear Cat
Date: 2016-08-20T01:29:13-04:00

I watched dem from da window
5 birds standing in da snow
Brown and red wif golden glow
Like living decorations
In a Christmouse scene
I watch dem from da window
Until dem took to wing
©Button Bear Cat 1-6-15

Step right ups! Step right ups!
Do mew wish mew could float like magician?
Do mew want to make mew next pawty game ub light as feather, stiff as board da best eber?
Well den mew should give Dr Button Bear's magic levitating pill a try.
Fur just 15.95, mew will get 10 of des amazing pills
And dat not all, buy now and we'll double mew order

If mew want to float like magic
Mew just gib Dr Button a ring
A little pill is mew need
And mew will mewvolus fings
©Button Bear Cat 1-10-15

How to Make a Button Bear Cat

First mew take a little ball of fur
Mew put it in a bush
Mew add one clever Grandpaw
To find it hiding der
Mew add one clever Grandmew
to try and find it care
Mew wait a liddle while
Fur Mr God to bring it home
And furm der it will grow
Into a Button Bear Cat
©Button Bear Cat 1-13-15

I puts my paw in da water
I wiggles it about
I feel da fish nibble my toes
I strike wif quick liddle paw
I looks at what I caughts
I see my liddle snack
I has happies
©Button Bear Cat 1-28-15

What is der before da before?
Was I in da same place I is now?
Is der one heaven fur birf?
And der anudder fur death?
Was I a glowing ball ub light?
Or was I kitten formed and ready?
Did an angel make me?
And fill me wif dis life?
What is der before da before?
Only Him know da answer
©Button Bear Cat 3-1-15

Little Voyager chugging on
To distances far and beyond
Interstellar breached
Da Undiscovered Country she touch
How long she fly, we not know
But we watch her as her go
To sights beyond our mind and reason
Little Voyager chugging on
©Button Bear Cat 3-1-15

I wud wandering in fields
I see a hole among da green
I sneaks up good and close
And da next fing I knows
I slid down a bunny hole
I keeps on falling and falling
I wunder wha I'd find der
Wud it be like wif Alice
I'd find a magic world
Wif all sorts ub funny fings
I finally hit da bottom
And da bunnies all stared at me
Cos I'd snuck up on dem
I had my answer den
I wud a liddle disappointed
Until da mama bunny said
Would mew stay to tea
©Button Bear Cat 3-5-15

Da Danger ub Wishful Finking

Living life by wishful finking
Is a cycle soon to bring troubles
Mew start on top mewr wishing horse
Riding in mew land ub dreams
In desperation mew search fur options
To makes mewr wishes come true
But all mew finds in da end
Is da dissipation of mew
What is left to walk in da world
If all mewr life is wishes and dreams
©Button Bear Cat 4-22-15

Where is mew going
I trucking up to Buffalo
Why is mew going der
I hears it in a song
Do mew fink der somefing to find
Maybe myself while I makes da drive
But what about mew, what will mew do
Maybe I'll find da way to San Jose
Do mew know what's der?
I hear der hair, long butiful hair
Where mew hear dat
I hears it in a song
©Button Bear Cat 4-28-15

I dreamed last night
I is a flower
A liddle marigold
I sitted in a graveyard
But dis was not sad
fur my kind was special
Da flower ub da dead
and when da day to celebrates
der memories come near
we offer up ourselves
to bring da spirits here
©Button Bear Cat @5-10-15

One day der be a battle
Between basement and ceiling
Da minions will fights under Tacngol
Da believers will fights under Longcat
Catnarock will signal da end or beginning
It all depend on who win
©Button Bear Cat 5-27-15

Sometimes I imagines
When I looks at da waves
Der is a big huge kitty
Dat pawing at dem
Some peoples say der horses
In da ocean foam
But wif all dat fishes in da sea
Dat make no sense to me
Kitties lub da fishes
And dem live benef da waves
And so only kitty
would makes sense mew see
©Button Bear Cat 6-28-15

I is sure dat peoples
Wif dem big old brains
Fink dem could figures
Da kitty golden rule
Maybe is about naps
Maybe is about noms
Maybe is about bafs
But mew be wrongs
Da kitty golden rule
Id simples and true
Purr and Luv in all mew do
No matters if mew house cat
Or mew libs out sides
If mew follow dis rule
Mew will bes allrights
©Button Bear Cat 8-23-15

Cirsumstances is a word
Dat often lead to finking
Abouts what is and what if
If I nots here, den I be der
And how differents would it bes
Is a word dat might be good
And is a word dat might be bad
But is a word dat lead to anudder
Be thankful fur good mew hab
©Button Bear Cat ©9-19-15

It might hab been a stunt
Fur dat Bill Veeck wud famous
But peoples still recall
Da liddle man who played ball
He wud 3 feet 7, him number 1/8
And yef da pitcher walked him
and dem put a runner in him place
But on dat long ago day
Liddle Eddie got to play
Da league wud 50 years old
De had Eddie come out ub a cake
But dat wud only da furst suprise
Under the St Louis sun
After da first game over
It a double header mew see
Mr Veeck had more in store
Fur da fans in Sportsman's Park
In da bottom ub da furst
Liddle Eddie came to bat
Da umpire didn't believes it
Da pitcher actually laughed
And da catcher dropped to him knees
Da first two pitches were honest
Da last two half speed stuff
And Liddle Eddie trotted
Da 90 feet to furst
He stop twice to bow to fans
and as a group de rose
18,369 gave Eddie a standing O
Da Browns da lost dat game
Da league President was miffed
He voided Eddie's contract
Mr Veeck shot back
He demanded offical ruling
if da Yankees had a short shortstop
or a tall midget on der team
Da league finally relented
A year latter if mew looked
mew could find Liddle Eddie
Official in da book
To day da liddle jersey
Wif Browns across da front
Mew'll find it in Cooperstown
Where such a treasure belong
©Button Bear Cat 10-4-15

I lub peas.
Peas lub me!
I eats dem ebery day,
an furry happily.
i eats dem wif carrots
and i eats dem wif glee.
fur if der a fing i lub,
it is da liddle green pea.
©Button Bear Cat 11-1-15

Mr Sun id a big bright ball
who peeking thru da flowers
him looking down on one and all
during day light hours
Da clouds de float so happily
lit up by da light
of Mr Sun who rule da sky
from morning untl night
©Button Bear Cat 12-30-15

When comes da night
a special light
will shines upon da earf
Mrs. Moon who grow and swoon
as each day passes by
one day her might be thin as rail
next her big and full
but we loves to see her face
wif out her night would be blue
©Button Bear Cat 12-30-15