My Story
Publisher: Sadie S
Date: 2017-02-06T19:11:23-05:00

I's guess my bio is too longs, so I's putting it's here, in case any fur wants to reads its. 

I's Sadie Sue. This is my long story in a nutshell. Mom's beloved Smiley crossed the Bridge in May 2014. She was beside herself & so heartbroken as was Luigi. They's was in deep depression & she didn't knows how to helps Luigi comes outs of its. He wasn't interested in anything, laid arounds, hardly nommed, and yowled at nights, calling for his brofur. Mom tried but couldn't seem to comfurt him. One tearful morning in July, she decided she'd gets brave. She wents to a shelter, gots lost getting there, thinking a catpanion woulds help Luigi. (At the same time her mom was fury sick & wents further downhill when Smiley, her buddy, crossed the Bridge. Mom wents to grandmaws efuryday.) Finally there, she wiped her tears & wents in to ask questions. Hasing to face seeing all the kitties (usually they's always came to her door, so she'd nefur beens to a shelter), her heart brokes more. She was looking fur an older kitty & taken to my room, which I shared with 2 other kitties, 1 fury means. She sats down & cried. I cames ofur, stepped on her purse, gots in her lap fur a minute, lets her pets me, then hids furom mean Sarah, who cames to attacks me & mom. After a long time of looking etc., she kepts thinking abouts me & wents backs to sees me. She thoughts, (seeing notes on some rooms), there was a 3 day wait. Surprise! While asking questions abouts me they's broughts me to her in a box. She saids she wasn't planning on taking me then or maybe efur. Ignoring her they saids she was the furst hoomin I efur gots near, lets alone in their lap & I's didn't likes car rides. She gots info abouts my background (which she knews to be's nots completely correct) such as they'd hads me 10 + years & was turning in the other kitties to the rescue group they's cames from (which doesn't takes thems backs). They's saids they's locked me in a room fur 12-14 hrs. a day, or threws me in the patio all day. At night they's threw me in with the other 2 kitties that's woulds attacks me. I was fury underweight, had been there since May, & THEY spayed me then! On the ride home she talked to me, founds me a new name, as it was Spooky & explained efurythings to me. I nefur mades a sounds.

Once home, still crying, in we cames. She lefts me insides the door while she gots an area ready fur me. Luigi saws this & gots so excited, jumped ups, rans ofur meowing aways, tooks a sniff & HISSSSSS!!! lefts & wents backs to his spot to just lays there. Mom thinks he's thoughts it's was Smiley coming home. Lots happened in betweens the rest of my story. I's was terrified of most efurything! When she wents to be with me & plays she thoughts this is no 10 1/2 yr old kitty. We wents to the vet fur my exam who saids mom was rights. I's was abouts 4! I's was also licking my fur off my whole tummy area. I woulds says Me-OW! Me-Ow!, looks at hers sadly & hads purroblems jumping. I's hads an MRI. They's founds neurological damage, pawsibly, kicked in head & other places. I's purred ALL the time, which isn't normal fur a kitty. (Usually means we's trying to self medicates/soothes ourself.) I's also has herpes virus, it's in my nose, so's I's sneeze lots & can'ts smells good. (Mom says I's sounds likes a doggie sniffing efurythings, her, Luigi & efurywhere's I's goes always.) I's has severe arthritis in my back near my tail, 2" into my tail, down my hind legs & in my knees.

Mom tried to slowly introduce us. I's an escape artist! As she'd gives me more area, I'd figures out how to gets out. At 1st I ignored Luigi, explored & he ignored me. Mom thoughts ok's I'll lets her wanders when I's home. One nights out of nowhere, I's ashamed to says, I's wents after Luigi & tried to kills him! I's hads him on his back & wents fur his throat. Blood curdling cat screams on both sides. Mom saved him (he was ok's) & I's was sents to my cube. I's was on meds, as well as Jackson Galaxy's Bully. Luigi was on Self Confidence. We's both was on Calming Essences. Still I's woulds escapes & goes after him fur a times. I's efen attacked mom's legs (bit & clawed several times, would then run) & head (giving her a headache with my strong paws, no claws.) She was ready to either takes me back or finds me a home, but knew that's would nefur works, worried what's woulds happen to me. She was fury concerned abouts Luigi's safety, as well as how he woulds do NOTHING when's I was outs but stays in his condo. If he ventured furom there I'd starts after Luigi. Mom woulds says Sadie goes to your cube! I'd purrtest running down the hall screaming "NO! NO! NO!" & dids the same if I was tolds to goes to my room (which is hers MOL!) It's tooks ofur 1 1/2 yrs fur me to be's calms. (I's cans purroudly says I's no longer needs meds! or JG Essences fur my purroblem of wildness) & am a fury sweet, goods girl.

I's loves my brofur. He loves me. We grooms each other, efen snuggles sometimes & naps on the bed together. I's no longer says Me-OW!, (meow normally) answer mom's questions with hoomin sounds, likes my clear NO! NO! NO!, Me-OW!, mmmhmm, yeah & uh huh. Mom is glads she didn't gives ups on me & I's in her heart now. It's tooks a while between Smiley crossing, her mom crossing 7 months after Smiley & all the turmoil trying to gets me helps & adjusted. I's gives her kisses, lays on her lap & sleeps snuggled with her at nights in my furefur home.

My Furvorite Things: Watching cat tv, Luigi, plays chase with Luigi, scritches, mom's lap, my blingy collars w/tag (that shows my name & where I's lives) & my Purrincess Pillow

My Furvorite Toys: Puff & Foam Balls, Catnip Banana & Cigar

Nicknames: SaSa (SaySay) SaSa Sue, Sadie Sue, Monkey Girl (Mom says I makes Monkey sounds! Doesn't she knows I's a cat & not's a Monkey!), Sadie Strong Paws, Sweet Girl, Little Girl & Princess Q

Favorite Song: Sadie Sue (aka Peggy Sue)