Our tent collapsed
Publisher: Figgy
Date: 2019-09-10T19:17:19-04:00

Good evening

Well we had a funny thing happen today. The tent collapsed on me and Loki. I started meowing LOUDLY so mom would hear, she was washing some things in the washer. She came to see what was wrong and saw the tent was down laying on us. Mom pulled it back up and retied the ropes to keep it up.

It was kinda hot today. It got to 85* and it was kinda humid, but breezy, too. Mom said it might rain tomorrow and that is why it is humid today.

We had a squirrel yell at us today. he was sitting on the old old phone pole{no longer being used} and he was yelling at us. Don't know why, but he was sounding angry, then he stopped and ran off down the wires.

i hope you all have a pawsome evening.