Publisher: BennyB
Date: 2019-09-05T19:07:09-04:00

Good evening to all of you.

Sorry I am a day late. Mom had no Internet yesterday, by the time it came back on it was her bedtime. So I am here today and Kali will have to wait.

We had a horrible storm the other night. We were sleeping away and sudden;y a loud KA-BOOM was heard outside, then a big light shot across the sky, then another LOUD KA-BOOM.

I dashed off mom's bed and went under it with Kali and Kelsee. Not too sure where Loki was hiding, but Figs stayed by mom's side.

She had to get up and make sure we were all alright and close windows, the wind was blowing hard and it was pouring rain and mom had 4 windows open and the floor was all wet, so she shut them and dried the floor.

No rain since that night. Mom set out kitty tent upright the next day and Loki and Figs had to wait for the pavement to dry so they could go out in it.

That was all from Hurricane Dorian which is now getting weaker and going off to other places. Figs was worried about his g/f who lives in NC, but they are alright.

Have a nice evening!