The great outdoors
Publisher: LuckyLoki
Date: 2019-08-30T20:22:33-04:00

Good evening

Wow, today was pawsome. 77*, sunny and breezy. Not as windy as it has been. That himacane is bringing lots of windy days here and Sunday it is supposed to be windy and rain.

Me and Figs got to stay outside all day, so did Kali and kelsee. Benny stays on the porch with mom and most of the time Kelsee does, too, but today she came down to the yard.

Mom went to the bank to cash her paycheck and stopped at Kroger for food, but none for us cause she bought us a case of 24 cans of fancy Feast.

Then later mom walked to the Chinese place for dinner and she got chicken chop suey and she gave us some chicken, but it wasn't like the chicken she normally gives us, but we ate it anyway.

Now we are back in the house and I have the top bed on the tree!!! I am KING cat of the castle tonight. Usually it is Benny who has the top bed, but I beat him to it tonight.

Stay safe everyone!