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The Coffee & Tea House
12/08/2016 19:51:15

Imagine fresh baked quiches and light as a feather cheesey puffies !!


13/08/2016 17:45:59

Great -- someplace is open.  Any sweets or savories today?

13/08/2016 16:23:41

I want a coffee, lots of cream, no sugar, no coffee!

13/08/2016 06:03:41

testing from steves profile

16/09/2016 16:09:15


16/09/2016 11:18:13

Just for you

Cant upload an image ??

Shows as a broken link

13/08/2016 06:10:06

I can manage that I think ! Milk I believe !!

13/08/2016 06:04:46

Alright , I am lost !!!!

Wasn't this in your group last evening FLicka ?

13/08/2016 20:26:55

The new site is like the boys or girls club, they go bowling, you see them at the bowling ally, they go fishing, you see them at the creek... the old site the boys and girls club had their own bowling ally and their own creek etc...
Now, when out "bowling of fishing" anyone can come up to you and talk or fish beside you. we are working on something to stop this if the group owner wishes, but that will come later.

This "privacy" will not effect the content, so you can just act like it works the way you desire now and these controls will be available soon

15/08/2016 15:19:58
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Could not sleep so here I am! This big Mama is not a member of the tea house and can post in here.

14/08/2016 03:10:14
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I did have a look. If I select fallow there is nothing because I have not click on any fallow so you don't have to fallow a thread to see it and reply in it. Tomorrow I will do a account for Tessy and , before making her join your group, I will look at what I will see with her account. I'll let you know :)

14/08/2016 02:17:28
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Alright, but i don't remember clicking on fallow anywhere, i just join. It's just that I got to explain it all to the others of Doggy Connection so I want to be sure to understand it all.

14/08/2016 02:08:35

As I understand it... they do NOT see the threads if they have NOT joined the group and thenclicked FOLLOW for each thread they want to FOLLOW

I talked to Paul about just that last night.. and that seems to be how it is.

You can see this Groups threads cos you joined THIS group.... so you see the threads as you also clicked FOLLOW.

I hope that makes sende... if not.. tell me and I will see if Paul can explain better....

14/08/2016 01:15:59

I have not gone to group first, I did log in and go directly to forum this time. Does it mean that all members of the site will be able to go there and see those threads, not only the group members?

14/08/2016 01:10:47
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Got to "Groups" first... click on the Tea & Coffee House.. then go to Forums.

If you click to Follow a thread... all the threads you follow from any group.. will show on that Forum page.

Yeah.. I know.. confusing.. but was on the other site too... we will get used to it. Its why making a Group here is a little different way.. also .. foir now.. the group "ownwer" doesnt have as much control over the Group as the old site... but its baby steps for now. Heck.. I struggled but I did manage to get this one up !

I am hoping in the next 2-3 days to get a How To Set Up A Group how to in the Helps.

Right now... I am being pulled in all directions !!

14/08/2016 00:54:40
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Well, i did not see this at all on your group's page, I did go to forum to get here.....I really am lost!!!!!!

13/08/2016 23:05:16
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It is my group Teddy ... you arent lost... you are in Tea & Coffee House Chat !!

13/08/2016 22:59:01

Just got to take Flicka out for a wee and then I get a drink then will be back

14/08/2016 03:19:10

Ok.  So I too am really confused.  I finally got here by joining the group then went to forums on the top menu.  Are ALL the forums I see "The Coffee & Tea House"?  Also If I'm on the home page and click on forums I get the same topics.  This is not how the old P4P was.  We really should be able to click on the "group" then see that groups forums, don't you think?  Am I just not getting something?

14/08/2016 13:58:05

Willow.... we know that is so.

Paul explained to Bitu so I am going to copy it to you


Administrator PS... if you want ONLY your forum items to show in the box at the top of your group, for now, UN-Follow all other forums except your own... You can still access other forums though.
Things will just take time to get .. and this group thing isnt adjustable by Paul right now. Lets just wait a bit and see


16/08/2016 00:31:39

Flicka, I thought it won't hurt to note that I have not "followed" any group?  I joined your group but not Bitu's group and still see Bitu's group on Forums.  And what will happen when we actually have forum threads.  Will they be mixed in with the group forums also? 

I really appreciate everything everyone is doing.  I'm just trying to understand and get my head wrapped around it before we bring DC over.  🐕

🌻 Hi Hanna Belle! 🌻

15/08/2016 21:11:47

I don't know how I got here but here I am!  Hello everyfur! xoxo

15/08/2016 14:32:01
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Forums is Groups too. As there become more groups... all those YOU follow will show on the Forum as well as the Group page .

That is as I understand it anyway Willow.

Yes it is different... yes for now it is confusing.... but we WILL get used to it... and things will slowing be easier.

I have had to try and grasp the entire site as I am an Admin and my brain is struggling.

We WILL get better with it all

14/08/2016 16:59:24
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Morning Hanna !!!

Its ok.. we are all learning !!

15/08/2016 16:22:50

4:00 at my house -- need a nice big Chi tea please.  My brain is not working well.

15/08/2016 23:07:12

Mama has a old brain! BOL

17/08/2016 14:32:14

My brain is fried from working stuff out here !!!!

16/08/2016 00:40:12

Well, we are packing a few things up and taking the caravan out to the beach at Cape Blanco or Port Orford.  Test out the caravan for the first long trip -- the girl just put our food and biscuits in our travel bag.  Hope things go well on this adventure.

Look at this -- we made green letters.  Cool!  Hope we get some good photos -- maybe some lighthouse viewing.  Take care pawls andpeeps.

16/08/2016 04:03:47

Hope your trip is funtastic!!!cool

23/08/2016 17:26:31

Have a wonderful time, H & G! 

17/08/2016 14:33:02
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That sounds like a blast! Have fun. I can't wait to hear more about it.

17/08/2016 03:56:09
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Aaaw Hank & Gus you guys have the best trips!  Looking forward to hearing all about it and have fun!

Thank Flicka for the info. 

16/08/2016 13:38:36
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Have the very best of times and be safe. Tell the sea I miss it please. Take lots of pics. We will miss you. Have fun in the camper !

Bring me a Lighthouse.... Please...... sigh

16/08/2016 04:05:33
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Poppin' in to say Hi! xoxo Facebook Heart Emoticon

16/08/2016 15:52:05

Hi Hannabelle and Milo!

17/08/2016 04:00:13

Milo.... we are hoping to edit the Editor we type in. But for now... it is as it is.. but yes.. we DO want to change that.

Emotes... we have to find an add on package that will allow us to do that... its on the "shopping list"


Also.. If you hit the yellow REPLY button at the bottom of the page.. that starts a new post.


The little Reply arrow on this convo... just replies to THIS post...


Hope that makes some sense

16/08/2016 23:25:57

Howdy, furiends! Hey Hanna Belle, Flicka, Lucas, Cleo, Willow, H & G, Teddy, Bossman heheheee, 'n efuryone! Me thinkz we gone stay catfused fur awhile here. Anyfur, will we be'z able to...nefur mind, I see now! Milo blushes!~ Ok got a question, Will dere be a chance to change font side, and fonts? Mom iz basically blind, but if not, her can make da entire page beeger, but den, stuff ofurlapz 'n what 'bout emoticonsz?

Hope u enjoy a grand trip H & G!~

16/08/2016 22:51:02

Wavesssssssssssssssssss Facebook Heart Emoticon <<< "borrowed that from Hanna's post !!!

16/08/2016 22:45:06

The heart is adorable!

17/08/2016 03:59:35

Is der tea? I like tea. Meowmie makes mew nippy tea wif a liddle milks.

17/08/2016 00:35:07

A friend recommended Adagio teas I am considering trying some out. They have fandom teas which are strangely intriguing. 

19/08/2016 03:43:26

I drink Lapsang Souchong or Lady Grey or Prince of Wales mostly.

But I also like a few of the Celestial Teas herbals

17/08/2016 04:02:07

I have been looking for some good teas lately. Any recommendations?

17/08/2016 04:00:36

There is always tea my friend.... China and Indian.. and Herbal of all kinds...

17/08/2016 00:36:55

Hey all! 

It is great to see you here. I can't wait until I figure out how to use the site!

So I learned a lesson already. If you reply to one post be sure to submit before before trying to reply to a second one. If you don't it goes wonky, but don't fret, just hit the back button.

Dad is gone all this week so I am being extra protective. The (excessive in mom's opinion) alert barking is starting to drive mom crazy, but you can never be too safe. 

17/08/2016 04:05:15

Hello all! :)  Haven't had a whole lot of time to check things out yet since the pawrents were gone all weekend and mom works, but am learning little by little.  There are times I wish the mom didn't work, but I know it's good for her to be out of the house some.

Odysseus, whenever we know it's getting close to time for the dad or mom to get home, we become extra barky, too.

The mom has to get ready for work.  Hope you all have a great day!!

17/08/2016 10:32:48

Hope you and your mommy had a great day too!

19/08/2016 03:40:54

Made it and trying this all out!!lunch

17/08/2016 12:27:18

Mama's old brain is getting a work-out! BOL Glasses Smiley for Facebook

18/08/2016 14:57:21
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Quinnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!

We are all on a hard steep learning curve !!! LOL

17/08/2016 19:46:43
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Hi awl! Lernin dis syte, tuu. Da forum ting follohin mew beed stwange. :?

17/08/2016 19:39:59
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Yes Tyke... its not ideal and its different but right now we will get used to it slowly... we are all learning !

17/08/2016 19:45:59

Seeing if I can upload a picture using Flicka's instructions. Think I got it.....this picture is from when the mom was a little girl  many, many, many, many, many, many, etc....years ago....bol  She's the little one in red sitting on the lady's lap.  She's not that little anymore. Ouch! The mom didn't find that funny....anyway....the man sitting is her grandfather, and the woman is her grandmother.  Standing from left to right is her mom's sister and her husband, and my mom's mom and dad.image

17/08/2016 22:00:25

Ugh....note to self....do not increase font too much.  Oh, and the other little girl sitting between the grandparents is my mom's cousin.

17/08/2016 22:00:58

Nina.. keep the pic size smallish too.. resize to about a 6 x 4 format and it wont stretch out

What a wonderful treasure of a photo !

18/08/2016 00:09:56
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(gets Button a cup of tea with milk. Calls to her kitten Sting) Sweetie come here and have some tea. (Sting in his little Thor helmet hammers the air with his little hammer Mew Mew as he ignores his mother) 

18/08/2016 07:07:09
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I try post picture ub my tea cup but it no work. hmmph.

18/08/2016 07:54:08

Button... this is how for now


Yes there is a way to insert from the computer with the broken link

Click Upload Image and it goes to your Computer... get your pic and

Click Upload

Right click on the broken jagged pic box

Click on  Insert/edit image in that Menu Box that appears

and DELETE the code there BEFORE  /storage

Click Ok

Paul has an email into the software people to get this sorted properly so we can upload normally from the computer. It also for now wont accept gif format.

18/08/2016 20:52:38