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13/08/2016 02:42:20

image In my garden last year.

14/08/2016 04:36:43

mom is having a hard time today. its Angel Alices bridge day. she lost her fight against cancer. and even tho its been 30 years, mom still misses her. she came into moms life during the worste time,got mom set on the right path, and,when all was right in moms life, she left. mom wouldnt be where she is today with out her. 

 and none of the rest of us would have had the life we did. so, she played a major part in our lives too.

14/08/2016 19:29:31

Dear Mama D .....

I know how hard it is.... how long doesnt matter... it still damn well hurts. Just know people CARE... and they UNDERSTAND.

They make us what we are.... and that is the greatest gift


14/08/2016 19:38:58

thank you. that is what made dogster so special.

14/08/2016 19:49:58

I know... and I do know how hard it is


14/08/2016 19:53:20
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I am so sorry! xoxo

15/08/2016 14:28:53

I could use a straight jacket and a nice padded room!

25/08/2016 01:27:54

Hugs for all

26/08/2016 23:21:34

27/08/2016 00:28:50
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29/08/2016 20:58:53

  The girls mum used to put the passed over pawls in the garden and plant roses over the top.  Made for some beautiful roses right by the front door.

31/08/2016 20:46:18

05/09/2016 03:36:44
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11/09/2016 18:16:15
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11/09/2016 22:43:00

Oh those flowers are so beautiful

11/09/2016 22:45:22
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There was a tragedy at a local kennel in our city this weekend when a heater malfunctioned.

Please keep these pups and their owners in your thoughts and prayers.


Run Free over the Rainbow Bridge: Max, Bear, Linc, Aurora, Arden, Cruz, Kali, Milo, Sam, Anzac, Sadie, Ellie, Odin  & Ruckus

13/09/2016 21:03:30
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14/09/2016 00:54:33

That is so terrible and it never should have happened.

One for each

14/09/2016 01:27:33

Thank you for the wishes.

This is one of the remembrances that is being made for the 14 dogs lost.  There are 8 dog parks in our city and a plaque with pups names will be put in each dog park.  R.I.P sweet pups.

15/09/2016 03:15:23


Hoping some Law changes come out of this tragedy

15/09/2016 03:21:09
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?Mom is missing me tonight, her is sad. I had a wonderful life, not long, but lived to enjoy a wonderful family, one that loved me unconditionally, and I also loved unconditionally them. Mom says I had too short of a life, I was special. I know 'n I just wish I could have stayed a bit longer. These days haunt my mom. Please help guide her ..'n love her, as she is just able to greive for me. Such a fast life, so many things going on at one time. I know I am remembered. But I loved mom more than anyone will ever know....Angel 3 animated emoticon?

10/11/2016 04:20:54