C & T H The Weather out there is ....

The Coffee & Tea House
13/08/2016 02:44:46

We are having a hot week this week.  Working on the yard some today.

13/08/2016 16:28:25

Wavessssssss ... we are still having awful heat.... sigh....

13/08/2016 17:44:06
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its been horrid heat and humidity. and then yesterday 4 1/2 inches of rain. wish fall would hurry up.

13/08/2016 20:40:33
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Gosh Dylan -- hope you are not in one of those danger zones.  We have 93*F and too hot to do much.  We go out for an hour or so --pull some weeds, pick some garden stuff -- refill the waters and come right back in.  No air conditioner but we do have big trees over our house.  Also the garage floor is cool concrete -- Gus loves that.

13/08/2016 22:50:11
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I am seriously ready for Winter... actually have been since May !

13/08/2016 22:51:55
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  Here you go Flicka.

15/08/2016 22:48:38


Can't seem to get some snow loaded for you today.  Telling us it is there but we can't see it.  Oh well.

15/08/2016 22:51:40

Paul is getting help from the software people to fix the problem in these forums.... but till then this is how

(It wont accepts gif files in here either for some reason)

Click Upload Image and it goes to your Computer and upload one

Right click on the broken jagged pic box

Click on  Insert/edit image

and DELETE the code there BEFORE  /storage

Click Ok

16/08/2016 00:16:51

Gonna be a hot one here again.

16/08/2016 16:43:43

We did better than for a month..  a cool 92F !!!

16/08/2016 22:42:33

Hello Flicka, H & G efuryone! WOW it IZ hot efurywharz! Stay safe ok? Up here, mom iz like WOW nefur seen so mush rain in August 'fore! It's rained 6 times since we been here, sumtimez two in one day! 'n we spose to get more tomorrow night into Friday. Iz green here, 'n humidity not so bad. S. Texas waz miserable. But mom 'n paw still got alergies. Mom sez it'z all da grass dat efuryone mowz efuryday! Efuryonez lawn iz purrfect! Friday iz our trash day, 'n dey a'so come by 'n collect our clippin'z in beeg paper bagz! Paw left one grass bag out 'n da rain couple days 'go 'n it got all wet, so now he haz to splilt it out, in 'nother bad 'n let it dry. Fore Thurs night anyfur!!!I gotta go back 'n read what Flicka sez 'bout bein' able to upload a pic, I got new pics o' me house 'n me ina me favorite room, da season room wif WINDERS GALORE!! Love ya'llz bunches!!! We'z will get dere!!

18/08/2016 02:37:45

Milo... its isnt so much the grass .. for some that is the allergy.. but mold from the wet is also a huge allergy for people.

Everywhere has crazy weather this year .

We are waiting for an ugly rumour if rain. Everyhting is dying or dead from the extreme heat.

18/08/2016 20:55:43

It's not that bad here at the moment. Meowmie's been able to turn off the fan. I've even been chilly a bit in the mornings. 

20/08/2016 03:03:09

Finally we have some cooling and a very little rain

20/08/2016 18:31:07

We have 75*F in the sun and it is nearly lunch time.

We are having a cooling off period just now so the garden is getting a bit of a rest from last weeks extreme heat.

We had some smokey skies over the weekend but it all went away now.  We all get the allergies from the smoke.  The girl got attacked by skeeters when she had on shorts -- itchy!

25/08/2016 18:23:34

I feel for you with the bites H & G ...... here its Chiggers... and I have zillions of bites.. and that it through jeans and tight weave long socks... (dare not ever go bare legged outside) and I have had 40 tick bite this summer..........

I want Winter !!!!!

26/08/2016 06:22:59

Hot.... Cloudy Hot.... Hot..... Cloudy Hot..... Hot...................

26/08/2016 19:54:48

Hank and Gus, that looks nasty.  We feel sorry for the girl.  The skeeters are horrible here as well.  Momma is going out in full bug screens.  She kinda looks like an alien.  Rained all day, now it is hot and muggy.  Mom wants fall to come sooner rather than later, as that will be the end of all those blood sucking creatures that seem to like her so much!

26/08/2016 23:20:46

We have 82*F with clear skies for lunch time.  Putting out some nuts for the squirrels -- they come down and grab them really fast cause the guy is working under their favorite play tree.

27/08/2016 19:09:59

Hot.... Cloudy Hot.... Hot..... Cloudy Hot..... Hot................... Again

27/08/2016 21:01:43

Toch of fall in the air today and just 71*.  Pawfect for now.

28/08/2016 18:31:47
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Hank and Gus.... please send some this way.

I have just come inside soaked to the skln in sweat.

28/08/2016 19:19:37

Gosh Flicka -- the morning was a foolie.  We got way up in the 90's with no wind and no humidity.  We were just all sprawled out in the front thinking we might broil -- fortunately the house was all closed up so it was cool inside.

29/08/2016 05:01:27
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