DC Doggie Chatter

We all need a place we can come bark about anything - problems, questions or just plain chit chat. So....... The DC DOGGIE CHATTER is open for business!
16/08/2016 14:14:56

I hear that! Tell them to click on "Follow' at the bottom to chat!!

16/08/2016 16:35:32

HI ST!!!  I just copied the hearts from somewhere else and pasted.

All the other posts are on the group "wall" I guess?  I've left a message to click on DC Chatter to come in here.  Oooooh ST, I'm too old for all this change...again. 

16/08/2016 16:26:35

Hi ya Willow, all I see is our chatters.  How did you get the hearts on here?!

16/08/2016 16:23:01

Okay, let's chatter pals! Rainy day here .... keeping temps a lot cooler than in the 100s! Love the break from the heat!!!!!!!!

16/08/2016 16:20:18
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OMD...  Are our posts not in the Chatter thread???  I'm so bumfuzzled. 

16/08/2016 16:20:09

It will all smooth out eventually and chattering will be good again.

16/08/2016 16:41:39

We are learning Willow*hugs* we will figure it all out!!!

A big bad thing as eaten the house next door and as pooped it all in a big truck, now it eat the ground and I am barking at it like crazy for it to stay away from my home!!!!!!!!I dunno what it is but it is loud and very hungry!!!!!

I did try to put a photo of the thing but it doesn't work..........

16/08/2016 16:43:07


Oooh Teddy!  That is so scary when your neighbors get eaten!  It will get even worse tho when they started building back!  We went thru that last year and it kept BB sooooo busy worrying about all that commotion. 

That was easy!!  Thanks ST!  I'll try yours tomorrow Flicka.  I don't want to push my luck!


16/08/2016 22:36:37



Yes there is a way to insert from the computer with the broken link

Click Upload Image and it goes to your Computer... get your pic and

Click Upload

Right click on the broken jagged pic box

Click on  Insert/edit image in that Menu Box that appears

and DELETE the code there BEFORE  /storage

Click Ok


Paul has an email into the software people to get this sorted properly so we can upload normally from the computer. It also for now wont accept gif format.



16/08/2016 22:15:13
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  (Also click in second box)  Hungry everyfur?!

16/08/2016 20:43:08

Oh! Okay pals, here's what I did, click on "copy image address" Then click on 'insert/edit image' then right click and paste  and it should happen ...

16/08/2016 20:40:07


16/08/2016 20:35:49


16/08/2016 22:58:08

COOL!!!! Thanks!!!! What size is that?

16/08/2016 23:11:57

Yep... too big... let me resize brb

16/08/2016 23:07:12

You think it is too big?

16/08/2016 23:01:28

Tedddy... I am going to resize the pic but try the same size first... hold on

16/08/2016 23:00:59

Funny weird!!!!!!!

16/08/2016 23:00:57


16/08/2016 22:59:20

BOL!!!!!!!I think i did mess somewhere....look at that!!!!!!!! My photo is all squeezed!!!!!!!

16/08/2016 22:59:03

Teddy........ I just resized it to about 600 x 450.... maybe we try to keep then under 1Mb... at 6 x 4 it was just over 225 kb

Original was over 1Mb

16/08/2016 23:13:47

Thanks, I'll downsize them from now on....but that was kind of funny!!!!!!

16/08/2016 23:15:58

Here is the house eating monster!!!!!


16/08/2016 23:19:41

Yikes, Teddy!  You better stay away from that monster! Facebook Pacman Emoticon

17/08/2016 14:22:25


16/08/2016 23:20:46

(puffs up to look feirce and hisses at the house eat monster)

17/08/2016 00:30:13
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Yikes Teddy, that's definitely a scary monster! Good thing you were there to protect your home.


17/08/2016 00:41:50

It as not gone away, it is sleeping right now, right next to my car and I don't like it at all!!!!!! I want to kick it's b***

17/08/2016 01:06:23

Be careful of that big thing little brofur!


17/08/2016 16:41:34

(licks her little neice Button's fur to calm her down) it won't hurt you sweetie. I'd bite it first. 

17/08/2016 02:54:42

Oooh my goodness Teddy!  That is wayyy too close to your house.  😱  So glad they have you for protection!

DUCHESS!  Great to finally see you here!  Button is a cutie pie!  WELCOME YOU TWO! welcome

17/08/2016 11:49:48

Just a note to everyone...  While reading the posts in a thread some of the replies may be hidden.  On the right side under a post you might see "Next replies".  Just click on that to give you all the replies to that post.  I post this because it's very small and can be easily missed.

If you click the reply button (little gold arrow on left under post), that will reply to THAT post.  To post in thread, click the REPLY button at the bottom of the page. 

Some of this is very similar to FB but all of our members are not on FB.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!  We have lots of help while we're making the transition! 


17/08/2016 12:04:36

Good morning guys!!!!

There was lots and lots of rain here last night, 4 inches, the hole the monster next door had been digging was looking like a pool this morning. I guess the monster doesn't like the water because this morning it as climb on a hill of dirt!!!

17/08/2016 14:50:35

Whew! Glad that monster is sleeping today Teddy.

17/08/2016 16:37:14

Good mornin'!!!!!!!! We're going to go with mom on her horse and check cow water troughs...fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!! Later gater!!!  

17/08/2016 15:04:15

Rastus! So good to see you!!

19/08/2016 16:09:01

It is great fun Riley...and the horse...just don't get your toes stepped on and follow along...great fun!

17/08/2016 18:19:44

That sounds like such fun Rastus! I would love to do that, though I don't know what I would think about a horse.


17/08/2016 16:39:16

You are soooooooooooooooooooooo lucky Rastus!!!!!! I wish I could go too!!!!!

17/08/2016 15:22:38

I would love to go!!


17/08/2016 21:43:51

Rastus... we are having to use a trick right now post pics in these threads....


Yes there is a way to insert from the computer with the broken link

Click Upload Image and it goes to your Computer... get your pic and

Click Upload

Right click on the broken jagged pic box

Click on  Insert/edit image in that Menu Box that appears

and DELETE the code there BEFORE  /storage

Click Ok

Paul has an email into the software people to get this sorted properly so we can upload normally from the computer.

It also for now wont accept gif format.

17/08/2016 19:50:33

You could all go!!! I tried to post a pic, but it didn't work...I'll try later...mom's gotta go to another part time job today. 

17/08/2016 18:21:11
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good morning every doggie. dropping by to say HI.

17/08/2016 15:26:38

Simon! It's been so long since I've seen you! smile

Hello, Spike! smile Glad to see you made it over here, too. I am still lost. BOL!

19/08/2016 16:20:33

Oh, mama said she is glad someone else is old besides her! Glasses Smiley for Facebook

18/08/2016 14:59:59

Hi Hannabelle!!  Mom is very confused...I guess it's 'cuz she's old!  BOL!!  She'll get the hang of it....eventually!

17/08/2016 23:26:46

Hello......I think I am in the chatter thread!!!!  Is that right? Sometimes I do get lost! Glasses Smiley for Facebook

17/08/2016 23:22:02
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Hi Spike!

17/08/2016 16:40:12

Glad to see pals have found us over here!  I've been a little worried!  Simon, you are a sight for sore eyes my sweet furiend! 

Hang in there with us guys while we get all this worked out! 

You can also post pics and images from the internet.  Right click on the image and click on "copy image location".  Click the little square box next to "Upload Image" and paste your link in the "source" space and click "OK".  It's very easy! 



18/08/2016 00:43:23
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Good morning pals! 

Is everyone getting the hang of the stuff yet?  I'm feeling a lot better about as time goes on so hopefully it will work out for ALL of us. 

I know some are still having problems getting to the threads so if you are having problems, please let us know.  We are here to help if we can and just want everything to be as simple as possible for everyone.


Paw Prints

18/08/2016 11:55:20

Hello Willow!  I think things are getting better!  At least we have been able to chat! I'm waiting for the garbage truck!  Truck emoticon 

xoxo  Purple Heart Emoticon

18/08/2016 15:04:36
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good morning every doggie. I am angel jonathon's fur bro. mommy was unable to set a page up for him because she lost all of his pictures when the computer got infected. we wish every doggie a wonderful day.

18/08/2016 15:31:15

Spike... I can copy all Jonathons pics from Dogster for you if you would like me too. I know its just a few.. but its better than none.

I will email you them . You can set up a page then if you want

He reminds me so much of my beloved Lucas

EDIT.... Email sent to you with his dogster pics attached

18/08/2016 17:20:51

hi everpup/kitty. way to hot again here. and again tomorrow. but after that they promise it will cool down.

my daddy cant take the heat at all anymore

18/08/2016 21:28:29

Wavessssss...... I dont do heat well....

We were having heat indexes of 129F and 118F a week ago. Been a bad month.

Bit better now.. an ugly rumour of rain.. but its too late for alot of things... they are dead or dying.

18/08/2016 21:30:52

Hi Dylan!! 

Aaaww Flicka, that is so nice of you to get Jonathon's pix.  I'll be glad to help if you need any so just let me know.

Spike, we will not let Jonathon's pix get lost!  Hope Mom isn't working too hard.  We've missed you guys! 


18/08/2016 22:30:48
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