DC The say "Hello Teddy" Game


I want my thread too!!!!!!!!!



This is a very simple game, not many rules....wait a minute.......there is no rule!!!!!BOL!!!!!!

All you got to do is stop by and Say hello to me and each week, on Monday, I will count who did say hello and the furiend who did say hello the more days will earn the title of furiend of the week so only one hello each day count but you can stop by as many time as you want. You can chat and tell me all kind of stuff and I am very good at chating about stupid stuff.

That's about it, easy isn't it?


For now because my tiny little brain as problem figuring the time thingy on the post just say the day you are posting for....when I smart up there will be no need for that... and also please use the bigger reply thingy down the page, that will be easier to not miss anyone......told you I got a tiny brain sometime.........

17/08/2016 17:47:34

I forgot to say that we will start counting on Monday, now we are practicing!!!!!

17/08/2016 17:53:23

OK, bakk nest weak. :)  Hello, Teddy.  Nyce ta meets mew.

17/08/2016 19:29:46

Hello Teddy! Happy Wednesday.


17/08/2016 21:46:13

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooo Tyke and big brofur Riley!!!!! *big hugs*

Good thing I had not finish unpacking since our last move!!!! *Take the pillows and toys out of the boxes*

17/08/2016 22:28:42

Helloooo Teddy, Haz a Happy Wednesday!!!

17/08/2016 22:54:52

Hello Wolfgang!! Nice to meet you!!!!

17/08/2016 22:56:18

Iz nice to meet you too, Teddy, you looks like a very friendly and certainly a very handsome doggie!

17/08/2016 22:59:11

Awwwwww!!!Thank you Wolfgang you are soooooooooooo very sweet!!!! *big hug* I hope you don't mind being hug by a doggy!!!!!!

17/08/2016 23:01:35

Hey there everyone! Happy Wednesday!

17/08/2016 23:07:15

Oh no Teddy, OI like friendly doggies, dey doesn't scaar me or nuffin'!  I likes hugs, too!

Hi there, Simon!

17/08/2016 23:10:17

Hello Teddy! Hope you are having a nice Wednesday!  You got any good stuffies in that box?  Something pink, perhaps! BOL

17/08/2016 23:15:18

A great big TX hump day howdy! Hope you're week is going great ... watching any of the Olympics?

18/08/2016 01:36:20

Yo!  Big T!  I'm liking seeing our threads coming back bud!  It's the 5th day of the week and 2 days before the weekend. 

Grinning Face With Smiling Eyes

ST, we've been watching quite a lot of the Olympics.  The US is doing very well!  GOOO USA!

Flag for United States

~~Luke Nosy Britches~~

18/08/2016 11:44:35

Hello Teddy and all!  It is Thursday here which means garbage day! I am waiting for the big blue truck! Glasses Smiley for Facebook

18/08/2016 14:51:26
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Helloooooooooooooooooo Simon, Wolfgang, pretty Hanna Belle, Star Tip and brofur Luke*hugs all his furiends*

BOL!!!!!!Watching the Olympic is now ban into my house because of me!!!!!!!!

I feel you want to hear that story...........!!!!

Well, it was a nice afternoon, too hot to be outside or to move a finger so Humanmom desided to watch tv. It was the Woman trampoline and boy could those ladies bounce!!!!!! Well....you know me, I get carried away kind of easily!!!!! I started to bounce on the couch at the same time the Ladies were bouncing!!!! At first the humans were finding it funny because I was doing it watching the tv and at the same time the Ladies were doing it but... here come the finals!!!!! Now the commentators started to get carried away because Canada was in the lead so I kind of got carried away even more........the humans would say I kind of got out of control and the pillows did start to fly ... and Girl did start to fly...and I did fly too........

So, no more Olympic on tv for little me*red face*

18/08/2016 14:50:49

MOL!!!  Iz sooo funny Teddy!  Iz too bad no hoomans thot to take a video....or did they?

Oh, almost furgot----HELLO TEDDY FOR tHURSDAY, MOL!

You is a very cute doggie, you know.  Don't haz red face--you iz talented!  Could mebbe be in da nex o;ympics.

18/08/2016 20:56:48
BOL!!!  Only you T!  I really do wish we had video of that!
As much as we've been watching I didn't even know we had trampoline olympics.  REALLY?  Dang.  What ya miss when ya aint paying attention.  😯


18/08/2016 22:25:00

Helloooooooooooooo Wolfgang and brofur Luke!!!! *hugs*

Well, I was a tiny winy bit out of control so no videos..........

I got lots of other stories to tell you guys, stuff that did happen in the last few weeks since we were not able to chat, I think I'll start telling those stories tomorrow!!!!

18/08/2016 23:00:23
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Hello Thursday and Teddy! 

19/08/2016 02:16:43

Happy Friday Big T!  **waves**

Can't wait to hear your stories!  I can't remember anything to tell stories. 

Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Winking Eye

~~Luke Nosy Britches~~

19/08/2016 12:53:20

Hellooooooooooooooo Star Tip and brofur Luke!!!!!

I do have soooooooooooooooo many stuff to tell..........It will take days to write it all!!!!!BOL!!!!!

19/08/2016 13:07:02