M & M Malt Shoppe Chat & Foodage~!

M & M

Here we will share fun 'n grand foodage'z! Ina future, we can pawty 'n enjoy many ethnic culturez o' fine dinin' 'n foodage. Come share, bring whut ya enjoy 'n share ur recipes wif me 'n Mallee 'n our group furiendz!!!~

Yourz truly,

Milo Blue Eyes,

Executive Chef Advisor


Angel Mallee,

Jr Chef Pastry/Desserts


19/08/2016 03:36:53
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 Ok, I iz not shur da upload workz but I tryin'...so me thinkz dis iz goodest eatin'~! I hopin' in da future, we can upload more den one piccie ina post. If'n da piccie don't come thru, I sorry~! Mom tired 'n we gone to bed now! Sleep good 'n saweet dreamz!

19/08/2016 03:52:26

Hi Milo!  Dont worry pal, we'll get it all worked out soon.  I hope.  😍

Hey!  I'm in the mood for a MALT!

**opens eys to see if image showed** 👀



19/08/2016 23:30:00

Oh Wow, dis looks kile furrrry good foodages!  I thinks dat I will haz a vanilla malt, purrlease!cool

20/08/2016 03:48:14

wink WILLOW Milo Jumpz up 'n down!wink Yeah, now datz whut I talkin' 'bout!~! We lovez Malts here! We haz all kin'a ice creamz! 'n soon we will haz our Cotton Candy Maker back, I hope sumtimez next month! U will love Yoda! Our Shoppe haz so many varietiez o' grand foodage 'n Me Angel Sis Mallee makez meowvelous desertz 'n pastriez! We haz King Meiko iz Branch Mgr, Luigi iz Shift Mgr, Tyke iz Operations Mgr, Kinzy 'n Foofy 'n Misty 'n Angel Ivy r waitress's. Anyone can eat here! Anyone can apply fur workz here. Me 'n me Mgr team will getz together 'n put togetha a mealz menu. TBA Karaoke nitez, Talent Shows, variety of music, dance, sing. I hope I learn how to post a vid soon! 'n maybe we will be able to post more den one pic on one post. I know Paul will ad more emoticons, dese r kin'a chinchee! LOL 

Fine Dinin'~! We haz many items to bring in from our ol' place 'n so we will work while we play, an get than'z goin'~! I waz able to post more den ONE pic! YAY!!!~

Dese made by me Sisfur Mallee, Pastry Jr Chef, enjoy!!!

20/08/2016 02:35:37

(looks over the food options) I think I'll have some ribs and fries. They sure look nommy.

20/08/2016 02:47:53

Wow, fine dinin' indeed.  I am gonna ask purrlease fur one a da watermelon drinkies for meowmy.  She needs ta unwind, mol!

20/08/2016 03:49:59
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Oh yeah goodest choice, Maggie! Thankiez 'n enjoy! We not too organized jus' yet, but we gettin' dere!! Haza good nite me furiend!!

Angel Mallee shur iz a good Pastry/Dessert Creator! Her will soon, be past bein' a Jr Chef!! Mmmmm

20/08/2016 03:50:58
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Well o' Course Wolfie purrlease halp urself to what efur ya like! Mmm, me mom lovez watermelon drinkz 'n watermelon too, her sad dat dat season will end soon. Guess we'z be munchin' on applez soon!

20/08/2016 04:53:23
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Button instead of quietly sitting in the booth like Maggie asked her too is sneaking towards a cup cake on the counter.

20/08/2016 05:02:37

ok dood, Uno Vanilla Shake comin' up! Mom can't do chocolate so her likez vanilla 'n strawberry sumtimez! We make da most refreshin 'n homemade goodness efur! U will enjoy efurry bite!! Yeah, we make pawsome  dessertz done by Angel Mallee, Jr Chef Pastry/Dessert~

20/08/2016 05:05:31
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Grabs up the naughty Button.

20/08/2016 23:29:13

Pouts and slumps on the seat

21/08/2016 00:02:16

Oh Miss Daisy, ButtonBear izn't causin' any harm!! Button o' course U may haz a cuppycake! Enjoy 'n ya can take 'nother home if u'd like~!

It's time to bring out da Dinner menu!!! wink Me thinkz we gone do Chinese tonite!! cool

Tea comin' up!~

Fried Rice..

Crab Rangoonz

Egg Drop Soup

Add'l Buffet; Halp urselvez!

Peking Duck

Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Angel Mallee

Hope ya'll enjoy!!!smile

21/08/2016 22:39:19
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OMD! Look at all this foooooodddddd!!!!!!  smile

22/08/2016 18:21:58
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Yepperz Rosco we shur lovez to eat here, glad U r wif us, 'n me 'n Mallee lovez to cook 'n haz our furiendz enjoy eatin'~! Iz not all we do here, tho, we will haz Talent Showz 'n Karaoke 'n festivalz. I am gathering up my furz, eash do dere own than' here at da Malt Shoppe. But most o' all we jus' lovez to eat~ Heheewink Dis efenin' we go OLE

wif our Mexican Gourmet Feastival~! Get it, FEASTIBLE?? MOL!~ ENJOY~ Don't Furgetz, Tnite 'n tomorrow nitez r Karaoke nitez!!! Bring ur stuffz~! We gone PAWTY!!!


Tortillia soup!

Chipz Cheese Guac 'n salsa

7 Layer Dip!!

Cheekin Fajita'z

Sour Cream Cheekin Enchiladaz

Chili Relenoz ! Mom lovez dese!

Sopapillia'z r dey soooo good, oh yeah!!


U all ROCK~! Let'z pawty!!!

22/08/2016 22:37:48

laughing Seamz lyke a gwand festibul!

23/08/2016 02:55:14
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I guess I still dunno how to do vidz here! Anyfur I tried 'n I willz get it,, eventually~

I'z go be'z on me throne now! MOL~wink

23/08/2016 03:13:15

(lies on a lower step for a nap)

23/08/2016 04:04:41

Iz anyfur still 'wake? Iz late oh 'bout 11 here, long day fur mom 'n paw, but mom iz habin' one o' dose mitez, efur habs 'em? So we will jus' smile 'n dance 'n sing 'n eat 'n enjoy~ Life iz far too short, not to. 'n we gotz to enjoy da here 'n now...so enjoy da breakie 'n me 'n Angel Mallee will see ya soon!~

23/08/2016 04:05:49

Nap iz rite Tico! Whooo r we FULL or what? So so many grand furiendz, so mush fun 'n most enjoyable~! I love'z ya'll 'n a'wayz will~ Sleep good 'n don't letz dem bed bugs bite....mom a'wayz sez dat~!smilelaughing

23/08/2016 04:09:18

I finds it again!! OK Naow I noes where da chat iz!!

02/09/2016 02:53:28