DC's Are You in Trouble?


Does it always seem that you are in trouble? Do your humans get red faced at some of your antics? Are you an infamous mischief maker? Then stop by and tell us your "tail". We'd love to hear all about it!

20/08/2016 18:11:54

drag in Phiasko and Junko.....

This did happen about 3 weeks ago but I had no place to turn them in at the time so here it goes....

It was a Saturday morning, very early, their Humanmom was dropping them at my place for the day because she had many consultations that day(She is a behaviorist )and she didn't want them to get lonely.

So, as I was saying, it was early in the morning, my humans were still in their night cloths when the little black devils tornado got here. They were super happy, they always are when they come here, and they were giving a hard time to their Mom to get them out of the car so my Humanmom did go out to help. They did manage to get the devils in some kind of control and they took them to the house closing the door behind them. At that point the devils are inside with Humandad and both Moms are out front. Sudenly there was a scream from inside the house........You could hear the disbelieve in the voice!!! It was Humandad and what he was screaming was....

"They did go THROUGH the screendoor!!!!! I didn't have time to open it.....they did go through the screen!!!!!! "

Yes, they did it...when they were left loose in the house they did start running full speed for the backdoor and never ever saw that the screen was close...look like they didn't feel it also because they never ever slowed......

So here they are!!!!

.......there will be a part 2 to this story wink

20/08/2016 18:53:13

Omg! No wonder these little ones are called devils. bol! What a great first story for our new thread. Can't wait for part 2. laughing

20/08/2016 19:01:06

I'm laughing so hard I have tears!  Can't wait for part 2 Big T!

~~Luke the Peeing Wonder~~

20/08/2016 20:49:38

Lukie, I'm seeing an awful lot of titles after your name. This time it's the Peeing Wonder? Something tells me you're going to be in this thread often. bol!

20/08/2016 23:33:49

I've been a pretty good boy today Riley.  Me & Bear got scolded really bad last night so we are trying to make amends.  I know that won't last long but we're trying. 

So... me & Bear can make a LOT of noise.  We got on Mom's last nerve yesterday.  We don't start out small and go big, we start out BIG and stay there at the top of our lungs with screeching barks.  It's actually kinda fun to watch Mom jump out of her britches when we let loose kinda like when a firecracker goes off?  Neeless to say she lost her sense of humor.  She come after both of us with a squirt bottle and wouldn't let us back in the window ALL night.  That means she had to get up about 15 times to stop me.  Bear is a smarty pants and learns really quick.  I'm a little more stubborn so I get the worst of it.  But it's sooooo h-a-r-d.

~~Luke the Firecracker~~

20/08/2016 23:51:21

Mew doggies beed tuu funnees!

21/08/2016 01:09:14

Screen door part 2!!!!

This time it is Phiasko and Humandad I am dragging in!!!!!

After the last screen door incident my humans did repair the screen door with dock tap because it was agree that the devils were coming over a few more days this summer so they will change it only in the fall.

Once again Phiasko and Junko got here early in the morning but this time Humandad can to the front door saying proodly...

"I got smarter than they are, I did close the back door"

Once the devils did calm down some Humanmom wanted to let us out. The back door that as the screen door is a french door with curtains, not a regular glass door. So, because of the curtain, you can see a little outside but not as well as with a regular glass door. As I was saying, Humanmom wanted to let us out and Phiasko is in a big hurry with his nose to the door. Humanmom open the door and....


Humandad had close the door alright but he forgot to open the screen door behind it and Phiasko was in a big hurry and the dock tap did do it's job by holding the screen in place but something had to give and it was the screen door and it's frame that did fly away ........

Once again Humandad did stand there dumbstruck saying only " Oups!"

Took my humans about half a hour to put the door back in place..........

21/08/2016 13:08:07

OMD, Teddy!  What a funny story....mama is LOL and I am BOL! Tongue out and winking  I think you might need a whole new screen door after that!

Willow, sometimes when mama is busily posting on her computer I will let out one of my LOUD, SHRILL barks when I see a cat out the window. She jumps a mile outta her chair!  It is actually pretty funny! Eyes Emoticon

21/08/2016 15:44:33

HAHAHAAAA!  Teddy, I'm glad your dad has a sense of humor!  They don't call the the Little Devils for nothin' ya know. 

Face With Stuck-Out Tongue and Tightly-Closed Eyes

~~Luke the Laughing Weener~~

21/08/2016 19:03:14
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OMD! The whole screen door????? Wow, those are some strong little Devils. I wish there was a picture of humandad's face with that one. Bol!!!

Luke, I do have some high pitched barks too. It drives my mom nuts too. bol!

21/08/2016 21:43:52
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  Those are some STRONG tiny dogs!!!

Hanna and Luke and Riley, making Mama jump with sudden barking is always fun!

22/08/2016 18:19:28

The thing with the little devils is to always expect the unexpected!!!!

22/08/2016 22:16:03

Those devils sure do know how to have fun!

22/08/2016 23:24:39

Destructive fun!!!!!

24/08/2016 22:50:37

Me -- Hank, I do want to still play with those Devils.  Need to learn more about this "trouble"  stuff.  Have been practicing doing the loud, sharp bark thing today.  Feels good to make the folks jump in the air.  surprised

25/08/2016 01:19:49
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replying to post after last reply to see if the time will show correctly as before that previous post...

25/08/2016 01:20:52

Mommy picked a bunch of dill from the garden to dry it.  She left it in her basket on the table while she cleaned up her mess outside.  When she came back in a few minutes later, Toby had pulled the dill out of the basked and threw it all over the floor.  At least the vacuum smells like dill now.

25/08/2016 03:21:58

BOL!  Geordie, Mom would love for our vacuum to smell like dill instead of DOG! laugh out loud

So the time is correct now?  Well I just checked and if it's correct it's in Algiers?  big laugh big laugh

~~Luke the Time Bandit~~

25/08/2016 12:59:53
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A vacuum that smells like dill! undecided  Do any of you play games with the vacuum? I love to bring my stuffies to it and then it (mama) throws them for me to fetch!  I have never had such a weird looking pal and it makes a strange noise, too! laughing

25/08/2016 15:35:01