The Next Edition of The New Friday Quiz Game


As you can see, I'm trying to start The New Friday Quiz Game again now that the forums seem to be working better. I encourage our regular players to rejoin The New Dog and Cat Playhouse so they can play like they used to, though new players will also be welcome to join our group and play. That being said, here's the first question of the week:

 1. Fill in the blank: A vanity is a ___________________.

26/08/2016 03:59:29

Found the thread and am following... but I dont know the answer you are loking for

26/08/2016 04:27:07

Think of a piece of furniture, Flicka. As I remember, Athena answered this same question on the Catster side while she was still living.

26/08/2016 04:32:24

In England.. a Vanity unit has a sink in it... it would be in a guest bedroom or a master bedroom

26/08/2016 04:34:36

Yes, but in America it might be found in a bedroom. You might have a similar piece of furniture like that under another name. Sometimes it comes with a matching chair or stool.

26/08/2016 04:51:25

Ahhhh.... then in UK you would be refering to a Dressing Table ! Thats the same thing as you are calling a Vanity with a stool

26/08/2016 05:17:54

That's exactly what we were looking for! The next question should be easier:

2. Fill in the blank: The Ugly Duckling is about a ____________.

26/08/2016 05:20:12

Swan !

26/08/2016 05:27:03

Yes! The next question is a little longer:

3. What color, the comparative adjective form of which is Procol Harum's shade of pale, is Billy Idol's wedding and is the more commonly used name of the album whose title is The Beatles?

26/08/2016 05:47:52


26/08/2016 05:53:54

Yes! Here's the next question:

4. In The Little Mermaid, what is the name of the talking crab?

26/08/2016 05:59:32

Probably a shot in the deep dark sea -- "Crabby Patty" --?  That could be from some other sea show??

26/08/2016 06:03:17

Sebastian !

I need to go Bitu... its after 1.15am here.... will check this thread morro.. I am following it .

26/08/2016 06:04:25

Thanks! I'll put up the next question in case somebody comes by:

5.  A lovable little alien wanders away from his spaceship and takes up residence with a little boy named Elliott. What was this Drew Barrymore and Peter Coyote film I am referring to?

26/08/2016 06:23:52
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ET -- we think -- we do remember the candies and the phone.  We will probably turn in too.

26/08/2016 06:27:05

It's okay, I'll put up the next question anyway:

6. Who was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for playing Captain Bligh in Mutiny On the Bounty?

26/08/2016 06:42:33

Charles Laughton in 1935 but he lost to Victor McLaglen for the Informer. 

26/08/2016 08:20:12

That's who we were looking for! Here's the next question:

7. Which actor starred in these three films: Mrs Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, and Bicentennial Man?

26/08/2016 13:06:26

Look like my reply did not work...........

I'll try again!!!

Robin Williams!!!!

26/08/2016 14:14:28

I see you, Teddy. Your answer came through. Here's the next question:

8. At which high school could we witness the "fast times" of students like Stacy Hamilton, Mark Ratner and Jeff Spicoli?

26/08/2016 14:18:47