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Please report site issues in this thread. It will help having them reported in one place. Thankyou !

29/08/2016 05:28:48
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You can look for help or offer help here too, I just need one place to see what is working on here and what is not, thanks

29/08/2016 16:11:17


Can I just stop by to say thank you for working so hard?????

29/08/2016 17:42:09

My sisfur Sadie and I were on and either treating a fur and if we had already treated them it said so and kept taking me back to Cindy Pearson's profile page.  I had to find the fur again and go back to their page to send them a message.

I also got some notifications regarding something I had posted or someone responded to the post I posted and it wasn't there.  Example:  Tyke's pic on the carousel horse.  I said Ride 'em Tyke and it showed he responded Tee hee, but was nowhere to be found.

Thank you for your

30/08/2016 02:59:06

Tank mew alsoh Flicka fur mewr hep.

But I doz haf won ofur kweshun fur mew, wyze donut Foofy's padje gets da tan barr on top wif da wyte messidje folder, notifikations,  an gloab? I haz dems on myne.

30/08/2016 03:45:25

I's getting a bit catfused.  Is Darbydafluffy (I apologizes if I has the whole name incorrect) Cindy Pearson? Why is it Cincy on the member list and not on the posts?

Why is Louie Albers posts sometimes showing as posted by maryalbers?

How's come these emoticons are different than the ones we have to send messages or posts?  Just

30/08/2016 03:54:35

Thanks you so much for the info.  No worries.  Just wondering and trying to learn.laughing I's appreciate your info and help.  Thanks you.

02/09/2016 04:19:54

There is a username and a member name, if someone does not make these the same you will see both apear at times

The comments use a different editor than the forum does, so it takes the emotes from a different area.
We will eventually get them synced and working better

01/09/2016 04:57:24
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Hi Flicka, dis is Foofy (Founder). I haf a question, too.

When posts show up on our profile pages and home and aren't in order, so mew can haf one post with a time of 5 minutes and the one below at 5 hours with another one below it at 10 minutes?

30/08/2016 04:24:18

They just told me they fixed this, it may just be fixed for future posts, but let me know if it is actually fixed

07/09/2016 18:53:49

Flicka, I'm sure happy to see this thread! 

Looks like the page #'s are a problem again int he group.  Can't go backwards but seems to be only after I "submit" a post in the thread. 


Willow & Luke

30/08/2016 13:50:21

This has been fixed....

02/09/2016 16:35:27

Thank you!! 

01/09/2016 14:22:04

Let me try to duplicate this and then send it off to the programmer for a fix

01/09/2016 04:59:04
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Luigi//Sadie... the Treat thing is being difficult right now we hope it can be fixed properly but it is a software thing ... not something we can do ourselves.

The Notifications thing has a delay on it. Also when there are replies directly to that post under that one post.... you have to open up the multiple "Replies" You will see something like (1)Reply.... click that and it opens up

Its because both Darby and Mary havent yet change the name on their Profiles. Until they do that.... (or anyone does that ) it will show as the two names

Because there is more than one set of emotes given with the site.


Tyke.... I dont know... Maybe you weren't signed in to her page ? Thats all I can think.

(Could up please post on this thread in "human" as I have some difficulty reading "cat" sometimes !!)


Foofy ..... I dont know why the SAME message should have different times


Willow ...... I just tested and it does seem to stick after the Submit.... BUT.... I refreshed the page and it was then fine. I dont know the reason.... Maybe Paul will know


Paul may have different answers....

I will be out till late afternoon after about 11 am

30/08/2016 14:02:46
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Hi Flicka,

I will ask mew myself because I speak more human. My profile page has a tan bar at da top but no icons. Not ones for notifications or anything. It doesn't even have my picfur on it. Why is dat? What can I do about it?

Thank mew,

Foofy (Founder - Tyke's sisfur)

31/08/2016 02:23:35

Foofy......... I dont know !!

Going to have to get Paul to look at that .

Bear with us.. we will get it sorted.. hoping he can look tomorrow

31/08/2016 02:47:18

Looks like it's working now. Thank mew, Flicka!

31/08/2016 02:48:15

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ... I will let Paul know !

31/08/2016 02:52:53

This is SaSa replying for me and Luigi.  He's old and went to bed.

If I's understands correctly, when I's taken to the comment that was made (from my notifications) I's sees the posts.  I's do sees the number, which I's believe is stating the # of replies.  I's went to the one that showed 13 and saw above the top post there that it said: "view previous comments" and that continued to open previous posts.  When I's tried to click on the # nothing happened.  I still couldn't find the post that I got notification on from Kinzy, though it led me to the post. (I left the notification from her in my notification file/folder?)

Regarding the treats and emoticons, thank you so much. All your help and work is greatly appreciated.kiss

31/08/2016 04:16:00

Sadie... I dont have an answer... you did the right things.  I just dont know.

I have been able to see and open multiple posts ok.... I just dont know why that one didnt.

31/08/2016 17:19:27

Thank you FLicka.  I's glads I dids it right fur once.  MOL!  

I gots another couple of notifications that dids the same thing and can'ts finds them.  They's more recent than the ones showing.  I lefts those in my notifications globe too.:D  Just an FYI.laughing

01/09/2016 04:16:47

So now again, my notifications aren't showing again (that is the tan bar). frown

01/09/2016 04:36:24

I take dat back my comment above. I just tried by logging out both Tyke and myself, and then logging myself in but it's not working now. I had replied above, but the notifications didn't show later after trying that trick with other replies.

02/09/2016 04:42:22

Well, one does have to  be logged out, even on diffurent seperate windows. I guess it is easier to just have one of us logged in at a time. But if I log in and out my notifications do not show up until I've posted somewhere.

02/09/2016 04:33:36

Are you logged in as more than one pet? If you wish to login as more than one pet, then it is better to completely log out or use 2 DIFFERENT browsers, not 2 of the same as they stroe stuff in the same place still.

01/09/2016 13:45:36

But now after  posting here and hitting my thumbnail, I have it again. I'm glad but something isn't working right.

01/09/2016 04:39:39

Foofy... are you using different browsers as Paul said for each cat  ?

That is for instance Fire Fox and Chrome (can be any two) Not 2 separate windows of the same browser.

02/09/2016 20:29:33

Well, now I can't logout. Tyke is not on now.

03/09/2016 05:01:34

Well, now I can't logout. Tyke is not on now.

03/09/2016 05:01:19

So I will always haf to use Safari, and Tyke always Firefox. Because yesterday I had Tyke looged out already. I'll try to get Meowmie to use Safari.

03/09/2016 04:48:46

There is a little something that I did notice, this might help some furs and maybe the admins too to figure some stuff out.

I have 3 accounts that I open with 3 different browsers.

The first one is Sea Monkey that I use for Girl. That one is kind of the fastest of the 3 and everything look like it is working fine with it.

The second one is Microsoft Edge that I use for Tessy. That one is sloooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww.. I don't like it and I am going to get Chrome instead.

The last one is Firefox for little old me. That one used to be my favorite but right now it is giving me troubles here and on Facebook. When it say show more comments nothing show up when I click on it both here and in FB and the like buttons usually doesn't work. It as been acting up that way for a little more than a week so maybe others have the same problem I have and I think the problem is more FF than the sites.

02/09/2016 23:36:36

Thanks Teddy... I us FF almost exclusively and the replies to reply(the small arrows replies) dont show.... I have Chrome which I loath but I also do NOT see the small reply Replies... only the Big Reply ones

03/09/2016 00:13:19

That is one of the weird stuff ff does. Me, i can ses and use the small arrow but it only work one out of two Times i use it.


03/09/2016 00:45:04

Teddy .... I dont see them on Chrome (which I only use to check) or FireFox or IE

03/09/2016 00:52:21