M & M Karaoke & Pawty Thread~!

M & M
Dis iz a Sub Category fur our Malt Shoppe 'n Fun 'n Foodage Come Sing 'Long wif our Karaoke Singin' FUN~ Post ur fav songz 'n vidz here 'n enjoy da laid back atmosphere we all share!~!!
05/09/2016 05:06:13

Dis fur danc'n and sing'?

06/09/2016 18:49:50

Yesh Kinzy, picciez too, don'tz know if'n we can post Vidz yet, doez ya know? But yesh singin' 'n dancin' 'n enjoyin' dat fun~!

Garfield Dancin to I FEEL GOOD

06/09/2016 23:22:15

Still am not shur if'n we can embed vidz. I jus' tried it dat way above..insertin' a linkk from you tube...

06/09/2016 23:24:54

Ax Flicka oar Yogi Bear!

07/09/2016 04:45:25

08/09/2016 02:38:56

I tried this one with embed and copied it into the source code box where the two brackets are.  Does it work?

08/09/2016 02:40:03

Hehehe Lookz like ur smarter den we r Wolfie! Lookz good to me! Ahhh, momcat will get it, but too tired 'n eyes botherin' her too mush tonite, but ur vid iz great 'n we see it well! Thankiez 'n we will be back soon! Love it 'n loverz ya'll too! Beeg time~smile

08/09/2016 05:39:54

Ok we gone try..see if'n we can doez it, Wolfie...

Stray Cat Strutt

Guess dat'z da on'y way we knowz how ta doez it now, but will getz better 'n we will learn~undecided

08/09/2016 05:47:42
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Oh I cry everytime with this. I still love Freddie with all my heart. He would have been 70 on the 5th September. The day he died he took a part of my heart with him.

09/09/2016 00:15:49
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Milo Mum..... Bring up the typing box click on the the arrows I have red marked

In the box that comes up copy/paste the EMBED code from youtube Click ok....

It will put the Vid in the post as above

09/09/2016 00:24:13
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The last thing... the last days...cant see for tears

Thought you might like to read these too




smiles.. Brian May.. Dr Brian May... Doctor of Astro Physics

09/09/2016 00:37:37

Yep that is how I did it, too.  At You tube, I clicked on the Share arrow, and then when the shar options show up, I clicked on the embed tab, then copied the embed code onto my clipboard, and pasted it right where Flicka says!

09/09/2016 02:30:12

Let's see if I can do's it.


My's first video!  

09/09/2016 03:30:01

Soh kewt! Mew dun guud, Sasa!

09/09/2016 05:08:52

Soh kewt! Mew dun guud, Sasa!

09/09/2016 05:08:30
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I try dis 'gain~


09/09/2016 03:53:15

weez lovers da catmmercial

09/09/2016 23:24:30

WE DID IT~!! LOOKIE WE DID~ Thank U Flicka, Sa Sa, Wolfie~! Whoooo Whew! Mom thought her haz lost her mind...hope we can doez it 'gain when her wakez up morrow~ Goin' ta bed soon....

09/09/2016 03:55:48

Musack mom grew up on...




09/09/2016 04:04:06
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I can't see mewr videos. 

09/09/2016 04:56:02
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09/09/2016 05:37:22

Foofy,really? Ya can't see'z 'em? Luigi, can U see 'em~?


Caturday nitez iz our Karaoke nitez so come on 'n join in, if'n ya like ta SING~!!! Oh yeah...

We needz a lil foodage 'n saweetz jus' 'll hit da spot; how bout U?


10/09/2016 02:52:10

Yes!  I see them Milo!

10/09/2016 04:46:24
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I kanz seed dem Milo!

Foofy beed blinds.

10/09/2016 04:54:29