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Hiya, dis is our new thread for our Amusement Rides 'n fun~ Wolfie 'n SaSa will be our hosts for dis thread...we look forward to seeing new rides 'n entertainments 'n also good foodage'z carts where our members can get really delish foodages. Enjoy 'n be careful! Lil ones need to abide by all da rules..jus HAVE FUN!

18/09/2016 04:56:09

We have boat rides for  bigger or littler furrs

Dis one is for our bigger furrs to enjoy~

Dis ride will be so cool for Talk Like a Pirate Day on Monday~

Da Whip is a fun ride fur most Furrs

Mini ride

It's our Carousel

We also have the ELVIS TOUR~

'n a FUN River Ride too!~

18/09/2016 05:22:16

Mew do try and think of efurything.

18/09/2016 07:41:29

Looks like fun!! 

18/09/2016 16:42:31

Kinzy, should we go on one of da river rides?

19/09/2016 03:28:29
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Yepperz Foofy 'n Kinzy, welperz I getz a tona halp from Mallee ya know~

Anyfur I doubt dat Wolfie or SaSa efen knowz 'bout dis thread yet, but it will be ok, 'n all will be well. coolcool

Whena SaSa 'n Wolfie get by, we needz ta get our popcorn cart set up at da fairgroun'z...'n we'z will haz several carts an' standz set up fur funnel cakes, corny dogz, etc.

We'z got a new ride,  hope iz ok wif SaSa 'n Wolfie~

19/09/2016 04:38:21

I has to measures you Founder.  What's rides does you wants to goes on?

Meiko, I thinks you's tall enough.  What ride does you wants to goes on?

Sadie hoping and waiting to be able to bonk some fur on the head. (Maybe Luigi!)

19/09/2016 05:25:12

Yung ladee, donut mew twy an meshyur mwe. I beed way biggur dAn mew!

19/09/2016 05:28:38

Pirate Ride!!!


19/09/2016 18:35:35
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Request GRANTED, me heartie~ Aye~ Dat we doez need a Pirate Ship ride 'n theme~ Da kiddies will lovez it! Whoo Hoo! Aaah key me beauties, ye needz ta leaf da ridez fur our guestz~ wink

Time fur da tour...

Funnnnnn fur da kiddies

Treasure map, letz piunder fur  our booty~

Grog fur da kiddies~

Shark Cuppycakez

Haz ur dabloonz ready at da door, me heartiez, it willz be a FUN ride~

Dun't furget ta pick up ye copy o' da famouse ghost ship at da door!~

20/09/2016 01:52:08
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We appologize for being so late, wif dis adventure...we will do a better job 'n get much more organized upon our next  adventure/pawty. We will try to plan a furry wonnderful Halloween Pawty/Theme Park setting. Hopefully mom will get da attention she needs for her eyes by da 1st. We are enjoying seeing our furiends here, but it's rough on mom to be in more den one place efuryday...innocent

Dis is for our kiddies who love to play at our Adventureland~ Thank you for playing with us~ Dat's to ALL our members and thank you to our Admins furry much!~ Organization will help and more of our Admins will  be in charge and be able to post pics, threads or add any or all of dere idea's to ensure a fun, enjoyable time to be had for all..efuryone~ Come as you are, just come...we will be in and out..so please don't think we deserted any of you...

Our Admins will share a meeting soon. smileinnocentsmile

20/09/2016 03:05:21

You's better becareful Tyke Mister!  I's Queen Sadie Strong Paws and you's getting a bop!

Meiko!  Stands still so I can measures you!

20/09/2016 03:42:02

I am tall with my hat on    Haha

20/09/2016 04:30:47

I beed tawl wenns I stanz on myne hynd legz.

20/09/2016 04:57:40
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Come onz now fur here to measure us, weez can just ride fur free til emplyees show up..MOL

20/09/2016 17:36:45
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undecided Kinzy, if'n ya work in dat department, den ya can ride free, on'y SaSa 'n Wolfie can~ Dat'z dere perkz fur workin' here~

Catudayz r half priced rides fur kiddoz unner 5~ Come join us~


21/09/2016 00:43:35
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Dat SaSa  is one great halper!  She has dem leedle kits actin rite!   meez waiting ta see what happen when she triez ta take measures Tyke N Meiko, mol.

An meez beed so sorry could not beed here yesterday! Mai typist (meowmy) conked rite out on me, ob all de nerve!

21/09/2016 02:49:23

You're hat doesn't counts Meiko!  *Knocks off his hat*  You just mades it.  Go through.

Tyke!  Standing on your hind legs does nots counts.  All fours only!  Tickles him and he rolls on the ground.  Nope! Too short!

Thanks you fur calling order Kinzy. Measures her carefully.  Hmmm. I counts your ears.  You's in!

They nots only gets measure by me Milo, I makes sure they has their nips and bones ready fur Wolfie befur they's can gets on.smile

I understands Wolfie and they's lined up according to which line they chooses.  If there's any purroblems I's Sadie the Paw Bonker and I'll gets them fur you.

21/09/2016 03:29:35

Wels, Sadie....mew nose meshurin wenn on bakk nut kownt. I'ze gonna bops mew on da hed!

21/09/2016 05:35:19

Wow lots of kewl rides to have fun with.

21/09/2016 14:27:39