BPL - The Garden and Cafe Maps and Locations


This thread will get mew aquainted with our home here. Below mew will find Maps and keys and descriptions fur various locations and critters in the garden and cafe.

24/09/2016 22:23:15

Behind this gate is the wonderful world of the Butterfly Plaza Garden.

24/09/2016 22:27:06

This is the main map of the Garden. Our garden architect is Button Bear Cat and the Peanut Gallery (her 4 sibbies, Max and Sting). Below you will find image and descriptions of the various locations and critters in numerical order.

24/09/2016 22:27:23

1. Magnolia Blossum's Formal Mini Garden. Here you will find a array of planets and flowers created by our resident horticulturalist Magnolia Blossum.

2. PurryGold. 

This Marigold based kitty purrs and meows and plays with passing insects and sun beams with it's leafy limbs. 

3. The China Cat Sunflower

This Siamese faced Sunflower is named for a Grateful Dead song and is inspired by Button Bear Cat. The flower enjoys searching for the direction of the sun, making a variety of quiet and happy chirps, purrs and mews while doing so. 


The Grandfather Rose was designed by Magnolia to honor her human Great Great Grandfather who was a talented story teller who smoked a pipe and loved Yellow Roses (and Magnolias).  The rose can be relied on for a good story if asked and spends the rest of it's time staring off into space, thinking deep thoughts. 


The Hamster Bush was created for a Christmas present for Magnolia's own 5 kittens, Button Bear and sibbies, Emma, Willow, Little Kitten and Keiko. This Monty Python inspired bush, smells of elderberrys, has hamster shaped "buds" that tend to run around the bush and make nee sounds when approached.


Paw Paw plants are a kitten designed flower in the shape of a cat paw and dog paw. The flowers are edible cookies and grow back as soon as picked. But to keep anyone from eating to many, if you eat more then two, the leaves will slap your paws. 

7. Cuppycake Flowers

Cuppycake flowers are tasty chocolate cuppycakes with blue frosting that can be picked and eatten with a new one growing back immediately. Like the Paw Paw Plant intented as a snack while strolling, if mew eat more then one, it will slap your paws with it's leaves. 

8. Glitter Flowers

Also known as Kinzey Pinks, the Glitter flower is a bright pink sparkly flower purrfect for girl kitties looking for a flower in their fur or a nice table decoration.


This one's not a flower, the apprently empty spot in this formal little garden is in fact Tico's specail nap place. 

10. The Old Solider Tree

The Old Solider Tree is the heart of the formal Garden and the Garden as a whole, gaurding in it's hollow the Guardian Spirt of the Plaza Gaurden the BlueCat. The Cat faces towards Cuppycake and Glitter Flowers.

24/09/2016 23:25:04

Glads mew eggsplayned dat Tico nut beed a flowur. :))

25/09/2016 00:40:13

Love it, DaisyMae! You sure are talented!!

25/09/2016 05:24:36

11. The Garden Menagerie. Home to the Garden's permanent critter residents.

12. AF's Den. With his den located beneath a tree, this little artic fox is best friend to Kitmouse, the pirate.

13. The High Hopping Singing Frogs, live on one end of the pond in their Dressing Room. The Frogs perform their frog chorus nightly.

14. Willow's Ducklings Nest. The pets of Willow the kitten, the Ducklings have a nesting box for when they're in residence in the garden.

15. Kitmouse's Ship. Outfitted for climbing, perfect for little pirate kittens who happen to look like mice. 

16. Leppydog and Lady McFoofy's dog houses. The fiesty leperchan terrier shares a pen with the elegant Lady McFoofy. 

17. Robbie's Habitrail. Robbie the Garden's resident gopherbot. He aids in gardening and adventures. 

18. The Chicken Coop. Home to both regular and the blue three footed Alien Chickens.

19. Gobble The Turkey's Pen. The Kittens most beloved pet, given to them by Smiley.

20. Rumor the Rabbit's Hutch. The invisible turning rabbit lives in style with her own ever growing carrot garden.

21. Gaston the Ladybird's hidden cave. Gaston is the newest resident of the Garden. This barking ladybird lives in a cave hidden under a bush.

27/09/2016 01:32:47
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22. Magnolia Blossum's Greenhouse. Maggie's special greenhouse where she develops the amazing plants for the garden. 

23. Next to the greenhouse is the habittrail of Thor the mini gropherbot. Thor works in the Nip Garden.

24. The Veggie Garden. Daisy's magic veggie garden. All the great veggies that come from this garden go into Daisy's great food in the Cafe.

25. Daisy's Magic Fruit Orchard. All the fruits in Daisy food come from this orchard. 

26. Daisy's Shed. Between these two sheds can be found all sorts of supplies for gardening and adventures.

27. The Magic Place. In this area can be anything we furs need to have fun. With just a little magic wishing it will appear. It can be as big as we want won't impinge on the rest of the garden. 

28. The Nip Garden. Daisy's special nip infused garden for special recipes. 

29. The Plaza Garden Cafe.

30. The Garden Gate.

31. Kinzy's visiting critter portal. This special portal will allow critters to visit the garden and return safely home.

32. Nurse Pusheen 

33. Albert the Squirrel. A St Louis Cardinals loving black squirrel from Hannibal, MO named for Albert Pujols

27/09/2016 01:52:41
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  Welcome to the Cafe!

27/09/2016 02:12:52

This is the main map for the Cafe. Also designed by Button Bear Cat and Peanut Gallery. Below you will find image and descriptions of the various locations in numerical order.

27/09/2016 02:18:12
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1. The Kittens Special Area. An enclosed pen for the Kittens to play in and occasionally Daisy to nap. 

2. The Front Enterance

3. The DJ/Bandstand. 

4. The Dance Floor. When active, the paw in the center glows and gentle flashing lights rim the floor.

5. A special mural painted by Button

6. Walter's Lab. Home and Labratory of the Garden's resident science genius mouse and his wife Gwennie

Walter and Gweenie

7. The Buffet Area. Complete with drink machines, here furs will find the eats made by the one and only Daisy with assistance on occasion.

8. The centeral Table. The eatting spot for all the furs, which can be lowered into the floor if room is needed.

9. Daisy's kitchen! Specially designed refridgerator/freezer and stove/oven allow the gallent kitty chef to whip up fantastic repasts. 

10. The Girls Alcove. This special magic alcove can become what ever the girls desire from spa to tea room.

11. The Boys Alcove. This special magic alcove can become what ever the boys desire from clubhouse to garage

12. Smiley's Timeout Chair. Smiley's special time out chair.

13. The Back Door into the Nip Garden. Only Daisy has the key.


27/09/2016 02:47:39

Daisy, this all looks so awesome!! Tango LOVES to be on stage. He wants to know can he perform?

01/10/2016 04:32:24
Magic alcove fur Meez??

*Kinzy zooms off to get all her friends she has been hiding*

Lady McFoof and Meez flyin unicorn
01/10/2016 19:05:31

I can't wait to see the friends mew've been hiding! And is it great! Ah...isn't da alcove fur all da gurls Kinzy?cool

02/10/2016 04:42:19
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"Kinzy, can I join you in your magic alcove?" asks Charly/

02/10/2016 05:15:36

It's not Kinzy's it's fur all the girls.  You all know how Silly Kinzy is. 


 Now the boy clubhouse says No Girls Allowed, right Daisy

02/10/2016 21:19:49

Oh Meez not Meez it is all ours Weez all share. 


Weez can all bring furs in and decorate more glitter and Angel furs can toss glitter all over. 


Meez just seem Smiley time out chair Mol (Kinzy falls off the cafe table laughing)

02/10/2016 21:42:42

Smiley NEEDS the time out chair, that's for sure!!

12/10/2016 04:20:41
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  Wild Ones!

I loves Walter and Gwennies pics!  This is just fabulous Daisy Mae!

14/10/2016 03:01:39

Luv da pics, too!

14/10/2016 04:02:01

Is it starting to get chilly?

14/10/2016 04:30:33