BPL- Where in the World


Hi all!  This is a thread where we will be taking trips around the world, to lots of fun places and get pictures, etc!  We'll start the game in about two weeks....about the first week of October!  Come join us...it will be fun to see lots of new places.....Phantom and Spice 

25/09/2016 15:49:38

So Phantom, will we be using real photos of our own like in the PICTURE thread or just photos and stuff like in the BACKYARD adventures?

Sounds like a good winter project either way -- --.  Good for you! smile  Keep us posted.

25/09/2016 23:14:29

Hi Phantom and Spice!  I's pawleased to meets you!  Luigi has tolds me what fun this game is and I can'ts wait!  *races to the mall to get some suitcases.*

26/09/2016 03:59:29

Hi Phantom and Spice!  Good to see you!  I'm looking forward to playing Where In the World and see what adventures we will have!  Woot!

26/09/2016 04:15:17

Mwe, tuu! Phantom, Sadie, an Luigi! Kanuts wayt.

26/09/2016 04:27:51

Redheads, we haz reel pikfurs av purrlases awl ofur da werld oar efen in da U.S.

28/09/2016 03:00:53

Oh sooper kewl Phantom 'n Spice, Goooo' ta see ya'll here! We loverz ya'll so mush! Dis iz gone be sooper 'n fun too! Yesh me 'n Mallee love to tour da world 'n picciez ya make r so mush fun too! Thankiez~wink Dis iz so kewl, Redz ya'll will lovez dis adventure! Let'z doez it! Can'tz wait! YAY Phantom 'n Spice E! We doez lovez ya'll bunchez!

30/09/2016 05:06:14

Sorry me sisfur confiscated me post! Guess dat jus' happenz! Phantom 'n Spice E, we r so happy U gotta dis thread here to purrlay 'n travel! Kewl 'n we look furward to it! Let'z GO!~winkcool

30/09/2016 05:09:34

So excited for our first adventure 

01/10/2016 15:31:08

  You are welcome to use our compass Phantom -- so no fur gets lost.

03/10/2016 23:05:56
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H & G, mew muss nose Kinzy. Her alwaze getteds losts.smile

04/10/2016 01:33:27

Phantom's mom could's not gets in furom work today and will puts up our furst trip tomorrow!

08/10/2016 03:04:01
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08/10/2016 03:33:44

08/10/2016 04:54:05

OK, mom can't get in at work so it will be Saturday postings!  We will try to do a real picture, if possible and see if we can load it here.  Haven't been back on P4P in a while but we will do what we can.  Can't wait to see all of you.  Ready to take our first trip?

- This is a village located on South Bass Island
-The bay played a significant role in the War of 1812 as the location of the squadron of U.S. naval commander Oliver Hazard Perry, who sailed from the port on September 10, 1813 to engage a British squadron just north of the island in the Battle of Lake Erie
-The village is a popular summer resort and recreational destination.
-It's located 15 miles northwest of Sandusky

Where are we furs?
08/10/2016 16:31:14

I know this! But I won't play, because my humans have  been there multiple times. smile

08/10/2016 20:04:16

Wavez to Rosco 'n efuryone~

Hiya Phantom, doodman, r we in

Put-in-Bay, Ohio?laughing

08/10/2016 23:03:21
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Rosco, I think mew can play even if mew live in da place. Milo, I think mew haf it.

09/10/2016 02:16:02
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Caturdays is great Phantom!

If you's knows the answer Rosco, goes aheads and puts it in!smile

I thinks you mights has it Milo!

09/10/2016 04:55:55
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Woot!  Great to see you Phantom! and thanks so much!  Love this game!

I think you have it Milo!

09/10/2016 06:36:32