DC's Monthly Photo Challenge!!!


Hello everyfurs!!!!!!!!


Each month I will put up a new theme for the challenge and the winner will earn bragging rights for a whole month!!!!!


Here are the rule to enter:

1- You got to be in the photo that you enter.

2-There are 2 categories, original and photoshop, each fur can enter a photo in both categories. A photo that only a frame as been had should be in the original category, every other changes is photoshop.

3-Each family member can enter a photo.

4-When I give the theme you got until the last day of the month to enter.



Voting rules:

1- voting will always start on the first day of the month and last 4 or 5 days

2-Each family get 1 vote in each categories

3-You can't vote for yourself or a family member.

4-Votes are by pawmails



I hope I got it all and that I was not too confusing!!!!!!

Summer Winners




The theme for August is....


Enjoying life!



Tiny Teddy & Orvar


Tiny Teddy


01/10/2016 13:07:03

Teddy! This will be so fun!!! 


Kinzy and I are in!! 


I am BatCat... 

01/10/2016 18:52:16

Mol... Meiko youz a fatcat 



01/10/2016 18:59:40

I dunno why but I see green squares instead of images in your posts my furiends

02/10/2016 00:14:17
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I see dem, but I have to come back tomorrow to find da right picfurs. laughing

02/10/2016 04:16:40
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 I can see the pics ok Teddy. frown

I'll have to see what I can find. What great fun Teddy!

02/10/2016 05:54:34

Mmmmmm....so it is only me who don't see anything????

02/10/2016 13:16:20

Uh ohhhh Sweet T...  I'm seeing the pictures fine too pal.

But I'm sure glad to see the Photo Challenge back!  Cheerleading animated emoticon Cheerleading animated emoticon


02/10/2016 13:48:46

Photoshop entry for Hanna Belle! smile

02/10/2016 15:52:42

We see the photos fine Teddy -- guess we need to hunt up some Halloween shots.

02/10/2016 20:34:47

Hi Furends! Teddy I sure hope you can see our photos next time u log in. 


This is great fun! Hanna u look great

02/10/2016 21:16:01

Teddy... I see on on Kinzy'z post.. and its probable the pic wasnt a good file for some reason... as the rest show fine. 

02/10/2016 21:21:55

Teddy Weez can repost tomorrow if dat helps. 

02/10/2016 21:37:11

If you could post them again it might help because the only one I see is Hanna Belle....

02/10/2016 23:07:51

I'm still looking for mine Teddy.  I have to get "someone" to get it for me.  Glares in a direction!

03/10/2016 06:20:07

I only see Hanna Belle's, as well. 

I will bring in a picture of me later this week.

03/10/2016 17:46:01

My own humans are braindead about finding me a costume this year!!!!!

03/10/2016 23:19:53

Here is my photoshopped pic.

04/10/2016 04:16:52

Sadie!  I was supposed to post my pic!

04/10/2016 05:30:34
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Got you in Luigi!!!

04/10/2016 13:08:45