DC\\'s Halloween Story 2016!!!!


Hello everyfurs!!!!!

This is another DC tradition. At Halloween we always do a story together. Everyfur write a part and we see where our adventures will bring us, the more epic the better!!!!!

Here we go..........



It was a nice October afternoon and all the DC furs were out in the backyard doing some leaves picking and decorating, some were carving pumpkins, other making pies with the inside of the pumpkins.

Every furs were having a good time tinking about what a fun Halloween they will have when.........

01/10/2016 13:14:23
Meiko runs in excited about a horse and carriage he found.

Furs maybe we can go on a hay ride?
01/10/2016 15:30:11

Oh Boy, Meiko....a hay ride would be a blast! Hanna runs to go find the rake so she can rake up some hay. Hey, Teddy, do you know where the rake is?

confused caterpillar smiley

01/10/2016 17:26:37

That pup over there has found a rake, but it may be an evil rake, he is barking at it!

01/10/2016 18:05:06
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Evil rake??? 

Oh Meez will spray it wif Meez glitter gun.  If it turns pink it's a good rake if it turns yellow itz a evil rake. 

01/10/2016 18:56:33

Look guys, all the garden tools are out of the garden shed and moving all by themselves................. Do you.....do you..........do you think.......it might be........GHOSTS???????????

02/10/2016 00:17:43

Oar da garden tewls beed possessed. Butt hu beed deir mastur?

02/10/2016 03:50:41

You think so Tyke? We got to investigate ..............but....who is brave enough to go have a look...

*hide behind Tyke*

02/10/2016 13:20:05

Riley is brave enough to go into the barn!  Hey Riley! 

**hides behind Teddy** Scared smiley face animated emoticon

02/10/2016 13:44:47

Ghosts you say.....surprised Hanna hides behind Willow tucking her big white fluffy tail underneath so no harm will come to it!

very nervous emoticon    flying ghost emoticon

02/10/2016 15:13:29
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Ooo...k.k.k...ay.  *ducks his head and crawls toward the barn. Reaches the entrance and disappears into the door*

02/10/2016 15:23:25
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i ain't scared no ghost, the vacuum, but not ghost.

Meiko peeks in calling Riley

02/10/2016 21:14:01

 Hanna's tail keeps whacking Kinzy in the face but Kinzy is to scared to move. 

02/10/2016 21:35:52

"Riley suddenly pops up to quiet Meiko and whispers* Shhhh...glad you're here! There's something over there making strange scratching noises. Will you go that way and I will go back this way and maybe we can see what it is?? *they creep towards the noises and something suddenly dashes out the door* Meiko! Over here!!! *they run out together chasing whatever it is that is running straight for their furiends*

Look out guys!!!!!

02/10/2016 22:14:34


What is that?????? *eyes close*

02/10/2016 23:01:55

Foofy haz covered her eyes wif her paws.What is it???

Do we really want to find out????

03/10/2016 01:56:23

*catches up to the thing that ran from the barn* Wow! It's ok Teddy, it's just a mouse. He sure can't be the one controlling the tools.

*suddenly the lawn mower starts up on it's own and comes out of the barn, running on it's own*

03/10/2016 02:00:09

Da lawnmowur beed hedded stwate tawards dem. "We haz ta stops it...watt kan we uze? An O...we beffur runs wyle we beed tinking. "

03/10/2016 03:18:46

My post disappeared backs there.cry

I loves to pounce!  Sadie races after the lawn mower and hops on it to takes a ride.   My fur changed color!

03/10/2016 04:44:55

Maybe it is magic or something, maybe a witch !!!!!!!!!!!

*run away from the mower*

03/10/2016 14:11:48
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