Dog attack at our mailbox (long)


The neighbor's German shepherd mix attacked my person at the mailbox today. I’ll tell you’all about it since Fritz was in the house and luckily wasn’t involved. (Thank Dog)

All the houses around my house are on acreage even though we live in Citronelle City limits. I walked down to the mailbox, it is up by the road and the house is back a ways.

 The black shepherd and a couple of his dog buddies came racing down the hill from his yard across the street. He got out his teeth, his hackles were up, he was growling, and circling in stiff legged. The two dogs with him were barking. I don’t think they would be a problem on their own. Anyway I avoided eye contact, faced the dog, and backed away slowly. I tried yelling “No Bad Dog” “Go Home” but he kept coming, if I had turned and run, that guy would have come after me.  Luckily my husband was in the shop right there and he could see what was going on. He held his arm up, making himself big and ran at the dog while making a loud scary sound. It startled the dog and he went back up his hill.

 That dog has bitten at least one person in the past, he came rushing down the hill and bit a young man who was working with a group picking up litter and I think he killed TC, one of our barn cat who used to come down to the house to hang out occasionally.

  I called the police and they sent an officer out to talk to me. He said they had a lot of trouble with the dog (and the people) but no one would sign a warrant, they are afraid of getting involved, causing trouble or more likely they are afraid of the owners of the dog. They are bad people, drug arrests, prison....

Anyway, I made a statement and will go to the police station next week to sign the warrant. The officer said that they would be able to do something about the dog; I’m not the first person to have a problem with him. I am a little worried about the neighbor’s retaliating and hurting Fritz or one of our pack. I feel sorry, guilty, and bad that by signing the warrant I will most likely be signing the black shepherd's death warrant.

 I think it is the right thing to do, if Fritz or old Pip had been with me, the shepherd would have hurt or killed either of them and I would have been bitten trying to save my dog. If I had been alone, I would have been bitten and if a child was involved, the dog could have killed him/her.

Okay, sorry that this is so long but I needed to tell someone who would understand my mixed feeling.

Betty   Fritz’s person.



01/10/2016 21:40:06

Oh Betty......

I am so SO sorry

I think you can ask the Police NOT to disclose who signed the Warrant. You can tell them that is the deal. You refuse to be intimidated or to have to live in fear if you sign.

Make that VERY VERY CLEAR that you will hold THEM responsible if it gets out who signed the Warrant.

You are doing the RIGHT THING. You are also probably doing this dog a kindness too... I know its hard to see that.. but its true. I would also be feeling guilty for the same reasons.... but its the point. This dog is a terrible threat to itself too... not its fault.. but the wider issue means SOMETHING has to be done.

It could have been you... or your beloved dogs & cats... or your husband... or a child.. or..........

Come the day come the hour...... the kindest thing is to take away the problem.

But.. do make it CLEAR to the Police this will happen on YOUR terms.. and that can be done nicely and with understanding by them too.

PLEASE keep us updated.

KNOW that I love you dearly and I know you are doing the right thing . You have done so much for so many.





Betty I have emailed you too.. check your Spam box if it isnt in your Inbox. It is subject lined From Pam Flicka's Mum re the dog bite"

01/10/2016 22:06:24
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Oh, how scary that must have been and could be. (((Hugs)))

I WAS attacked yesterday, but by a Chihuahua mix so not too much damage.  The owner was saying, "he bites", so why isn't he on a leash? Here in CA, a dog gets three strikes. But his little bite didn't cause that much harm, so I didn't report it. Again, I think the ferals here would hurt him worse than he could them.  So no harm, no foul. You had a much worse situation. Why can't the police lock up the owner who is apparently known drug dealer?

Deb, Tyke's Meowmie :)

01/10/2016 22:30:36

Thanks both of you,

I received the email, thank you for writing Pam. I will ask about keeping the warrant confidential.

 The dog owners have been locked up, in prison, gotten out. I don't know if they are still dealing, maybe, but the police don't have evidence against them right now.

The older lady who used to live there was a relative of these people, grandmother or something. She was nice, when she passed away these losers moved in. 

I wouldn't turn in a Chihuahua either, even though he should have been on a leash. I wouldn't have turned in this guy for barking at me, being on my property etc. But he really meant business, he does have a history, and he is big enough to do real harm.

His people don't bother to keep him locked up; I don't think they care at all. 

Thank you again; having someone to talk to who loves dogs and understands is a lot of help. 


01/10/2016 23:18:55
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Fritz, Luigi and I's so fury sorry and sads that happened to your Mama.  Though difficult she is doing the right thing and we's feels likes Flicka's Mom and it needs to be's confidential.  Our heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you.  We's praying abouts the whole situation and please keeps us updated. 

02/10/2016 04:17:55
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Oooh dear!  Thank goodness you are ok and no one was hurt.  It's so sad to see these dogs not cared for and running amuck.  I agree with Mommy Pam that you need to do something before it's too late.  I know you must have been so afraid.  hug hug

Tyke?  I'm glad you're ok too my sweet furiend.  I hope your mom strongly "suggested" the little Chi be on a leash in the future?  **smh**  naughty

02/10/2016 13:38:24
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Oh no! Hoomans don't need pets if dem can't watch dem better. 

Weez send hugs to Auntie Betty and sure hope da hoomans get in trouble fur being bad pet guardians! 

(Stomps paw)


02/10/2016 21:53:02

Meowmie saw da owner of da Chihuahua walk her three dogs on leashes today. But she learned furom da manager dat she hasn't spayed or neutered dem or got licenses for dem. It's da law here in West Hollywood fur dogs to have licenses.

04/10/2016 04:03:15
Auntie Betty & Fritz, how are things now?
08/01/2017 06:08:17

Boris... I spoke in email with Betty at Christmas... and she said there has been no further troubles.

Apparently the Police did go and speak to the people.. and at least for now they are being more responsible.

08/01/2017 06:11:13

Hi, I'm sorry I haven't been around a lot. No sign of the German shepherd. The Police did talk to my neighbors; they have been in so much trouble that I guess it impressed them. At least for the time being. I keep hoping they will move away and I really feel sorry for the poor dog, it isn't his fault that he belongs to sorry people who don’t train him or take good care of him. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful year.

Betty, Fritz and the gang.

09/01/2017 20:28:24
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We love you Betty and Fritz. 

YOU did all you could.. you could have had them come down realy hard on the dog and the people.but you didnt.. you did your best.


09/01/2017 21:53:15
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