DC Howliday Card Swap 2016




Wooohoooo!!  The howlidays are almost here and I'm very excited to have our first card exchange at P4P and hope all of our furiends, old and new, will join us. 

You have until Sunday, November  20th  to sign up and I will email you the list of names and addresses soon after.  You will have plenty of time to send cards out but please be aware that cards going to other countries (i.e.  Canada) may take longer to arrive and require extra postage and some places need much longer than others.

NOTE: As this is a card exchange, your address will need to be given out to other members, so if you are under 18, PLEASE ASK FOR PARENTS PERMISSION FIRST!!!


If you would like to participate, please post in this thread and email me your mailing address and P4P member name.  My email address is:


The card list will only be shared with members participating.

 Ok!  Get those cards ready and let's have some fun!!







Willow & Luke

Teddy, Tessy & Girl

Hanna Belle


Riley, Cordi and Enzo

Yogi and the Probost Pack



Peter Parker

Zander & Family

Foofy & Tyke

Star Tip


25/10/2016 17:18:16


Do you still have my address?

25/10/2016 23:22:04

I've got your address Teddy! 

I got your email Flicka!!!  Thank you!


26/10/2016 12:38:57

I'm in!  Do you still have my address?

happy emoticon

26/10/2016 19:33:55

I'm in and have sent you my details  in email.

26/10/2016 22:16:22

I've got yours too Hanna Belle!  Thanks Flicka!

I did make a new post and thread at the old DC just in case anyone was looking for us.  We usually have a pretty good turn out for our card swap and I'm worried about our old furiends that have not come over here.  However, it doesn't look like the post on the main page isn't working.   Sad and crying animated emoticon



27/10/2016 12:58:49

We're in Willow!

Do you still have our address? Since it seems like Enzo is a permanent member of our family, we would like to add his name.

27/10/2016 19:42:15

Willow, you can post about it in my say hello thread and in Mom Tessy's hangman too you know!!!

27/10/2016 23:42:57

Thank you Teddy!  I"ve posted in a few places I think?

Riley, you know I have your address!  I think last year I left Enzo off didn't I?  I'll try not do that again.  But...  as you know I mess something up every year.  


28/10/2016 15:56:33

You just got so many stuff to think about dear Willow

28/10/2016 23:05:48

?I'm in again. Let me know if you didnt get my e-mail. Mom's email was acting stupid.undecided

29/10/2016 00:26:40

I got it Yogi!!!!  Great to see you beautiful face!!  kissing

29/10/2016 13:20:18

Hi! Meowmy just sent our info; purrlease let us know if you got it ok.  Meowmy haz a new computer an she iz not sure if izsyncing her accounts right. 

Thanks mew!

03/11/2016 01:20:23

Willow..I do this for PTLF every year and its always my fear I will screw up.. so do NOT FRET !!

03/11/2016 02:47:25

I got you Wolfie!!!  I'm soooo excited!  cheer

Flicka, I've done this for 8 years, maybe 9 and every year I manage to mess something up.  And of course I always think I've got it right for a change and then find something. 


03/11/2016 12:16:32
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We sent you our info!! This will be so fun!! 

06/11/2016 01:03:37

I got you Zander!!!  Thank you!!


06/11/2016 13:36:51

Peter Parker is in!!! 

11/11/2016 14:07:59
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Me too!

surprisedMa just got finished painting many cards for an order.  

So surely she can paint more for her fur pal babies!!!!

12/11/2016 20:36:40

I got your message ST!!!  I've got your address!  I've seen your mom's cards on FB and they are beautiful.  She is soooo talented 

13/11/2016 01:27:05
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