DC's "A Christmas Story" 2016


All the DC furs were busy getting ready for Christmas. Some were baking and others putting up the shiniest and brightest decorations ever. All were happy and signing songs at the top of their lungs!!!!

Suddenly a bright red light did show up in the sky. The light was coming toward them!!! When the light was close enoug the furs saw it was Rudolph's nose!!!!!!


"Hello Rudolph" Say a very happy Hanna Belle "What good bring you here?"

Rudolph use his nose to show the furs that a letter was tie to him. Teddy goes to pick the letter and give it to Riley to read.


Hello DC's pups and now kittens if my infos are right and they are always right!

I know I did ask your help often in the pass to save Christmas and I hate to have to ask again but this year too I really need you all or there will be no Christmas!!!!!

I did send Rudolph and my practice sleigh to pick you up and bring you all here, I'll tell you what is going on upon your arrival!!



All the furs are standing there looking at each others!!!!

"let's go guys!!! Pick up you stuff, we got to go help Santa!!!!!"Say Teddy

All the furs grab their backpacks and all the stuff they think might be usefull and take place in the sleigh.

04/12/2016 13:46:49

Oh boy...Oh boy....Hanna jumps up and down with glee. It's Rudolph! We are so excited to see you....Rudolph's nose lights up in a bright red!  She grabs her Hello Kitty backpack and jumps on the sleigh with Teddy, Riley and all her pals while wondering what Santa needs help with!

rudolf the reindeer emoticon

04/12/2016 17:08:02

We can help ....

04/12/2016 22:36:48

*runs and grabs his little dog backpack loaded with supplies and snacks and grabs some blankets for the trip*

Wait for me! *takes a flying leap and lands head first in the sleigh* Ouch! Here everyfur grab a blanket and wrap up. The others are on their way.

05/12/2016 00:17:48

I can help!  I can pull something if needed!

05/12/2016 00:43:05

?Oh, I want to come along, too! A sleigh ride in da air! To da North Pole! I haf my HK backpack, too, and dere are some snacks in case we get hungry. I always haf snacks in dem....don't know if Rudolf would like dem dough. frown

05/12/2016 01:08:41

Sadie quickly packs and makes sure she packs pawlenty of glitter, as she heard it's part of the secret to saving Christmas!  Can some fur lend a paw pawlease?  

05/12/2016 01:50:18

I beed on bord! Watt's us kats ta du? Teddy do mew no, oar du we haz ta wayte fur Santa ta instwukt us?

Sadie....glittur nut heps wif ennyfing butt maykin a messes. I wils hep mew, butt nut wif glittur.

05/12/2016 02:31:35

I'm ready to go too!  I wonder how fast we will fly!

05/12/2016 02:49:45

All the furs finnally board the sleigh in a very unorderly fashion!!!!

"I think we are good to go Rudolph" Say Riley

Teddy look at grandpa Tyke and say" I have no clue what is going on this year but I guess we will find out once we get there"

The sleigh take off with lots of very excited furs on board and head for the North Pole!!!!!

05/12/2016 12:43:36

Luigi jumps aboard the sleigh right behind Hanna and covers himself with her big white fluffy tail....it's mighty cold flying so fast on this sleigh comments Hanna Belle....her ears flapping in the breeze!

sledding emoticon

05/12/2016 18:28:30

Gus notices Hanna's ears flapping just like his do in a big wind.  Hank snuggles down with the kitty kats -- oooh, they are so soft and warm. 

05/12/2016 19:34:23

Sadie, Santa can't sneak in and out of the houses he visits if he has a glitter mess. No more glitter.

*tucks the blankets around all his furiends a settles next to Tyke*

05/12/2016 19:59:31

I'm so excited! I've nefur been to da Norf Pole! I wonder if Santa wants us to help make toys...or to deliver dem. Maybe we'll make special deliveries to pets and homeless furs around da werld.

05/12/2016 23:08:41

All the furs are now warmly wrap in blankets eating some yummy snacks. The bravest ones are looking at the scenery down under them seing more and more snow and less and less houses!

"Look guys, that is the Canadian thundra down below!!!If we are lucky we might see a polar bear or two!!!!" Say a very excited Teddy!!!!!

05/12/2016 23:17:33

?I tink I sees won down dere. Oar mebbe it beed it a Chow Chow...a beeg one...

06/12/2016 00:09:03

**Luke peeks out from under the blanket at the beautiful scenery**

Ooooh boy!  I"ve heard about these trips to help out Santa and so excited to be part of it this year! 

**crawls into a big pocket on Hanna Belle's HK bag to watch**


06/12/2016 13:14:28

*stays wrapped in the blanket but sticks his face out to look at the scenery*

Wow! You guys could lose me in all that white stuff.  Wait, I have an idea. *digs into his backpack and pulls out a bright red bandana and ties it on his neck" There! Now you guys can see me in the snow.

06/12/2016 13:45:32

Oh Riley, if you need a colorful bandana so we can see you in the snow then I will need one, too!  Hanna looks through her HK backpack but finds no bandanas but does have a red bow....she puts it in her fur!

winking thumbs up smiley

06/12/2016 15:29:15