DC Christmas fun! 2016


How about some Christmas fun? I will be posting lyrics to songs and you have to name the some. I may also throw in some holiday questions and share some trivia. Hope you will have some fun!

21/12/2016 00:51:30

Hello furiends!!!!  I hope you all will have some fun here until Christmas.

I'm going to start with a song lyric. What song contains this lyric?

Down to the village, with a broomstick in his hand,
Running here and there, all around the square,
sayin', "Catch me if you can."

21/12/2016 00:55:57

?Frosty the Snowman! laughing

21/12/2016 01:53:23

Yay Foofy laughing Thumpity Thump thump look at Frosty Go over the hills of snow!embarassed

21/12/2016 03:03:10

21/12/2016 04:18:50

Good job Foofy! 

21/12/2016 04:23:22


21/12/2016 06:21:20

21/12/2016 12:58:11

Cheerleading animated emoticon  Good job Foofy!  Cheerleading animated emoticon

I love your games Riley!!!  Thank you for doing this!  Blow a Kiss animated emoticon


21/12/2016 13:52:16

brian dancing banana smiley

21/12/2016 15:45:51

Yay Foofy!

Thank you all for coming in!

Another sonh lyric for this morning.

Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun

21/12/2016 15:47:51

We think that might be "Jingle Bell Rock"  , not sure though.

21/12/2016 18:21:47

21/12/2016 23:03:46

Yep!  Yep!  Hanky, I think you got it!  dancing santa claus emoticon


21/12/2016 23:04:57

Yay Hank and Gus! You are right! 

We have a trivia question next!

We all know that Santa comes down the chimney to deliver the gifts, but how does Santa Claus go back up the chimney to continue his journey of delivering gifts?

22/12/2016 00:34:17

?Christmas magic???

22/12/2016 00:53:04

?Good try Foofy, but that isn't it.

22/12/2016 01:23:32

He puts a finger alongside his nose -- me, Hank , I got a really big nose so I gets that one I hope -- wink--.

22/12/2016 03:39:09
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And give a little nod, up the chimney he goes!!! 

You're soooooo smart Hanky!

but... but... that would take some wonderous magic, don't you think?  Crazy Santa emoticon (Christmas Emoticons)


22/12/2016 10:07:01

22/12/2016 13:05:34