BPL - Secret Squares


Hello everyfur! Welcome to Secret Squares! This game is about puzzles that use words and pictures to convey a saying or concept. For example:



The answer to this one would be "Top Secret". These puzzles will be covered up by 12 colored squares, so the game board will start out looking like this:



Tell me in your post which colored square you would like me to remove. Each square removed will reveal a piece of the puzzle underneath. The cat or dog that first guesses the meaning of the puzzle underneath wins a point. Once a fur reaches 3 points, they win the round and will receive a prize.


The colors on the squares are: red, green, purple, pink, light blue, orange, black, brown, yellow, dark blue, gray and white.


Please only post once per family per day.


Okay, let's play! cool


UPDATE 6/1/20:

I've made a new game board and it looks a little different. We will call the colors by the same names as before: brown, purple, pink, black, dark blue, light blue, green, red, yellow, orange, and gray. But you will notice I used a picture of me instead of a white square this time. Once someone wins, I will replace it with their picture to use on the game board for the next round. I hope that will be fun for everyone 

Let's begin!

New Game Board Example:

07/10/2017 23:55:17
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Here is our first game board. In your post, tell me the color of the square you'd like me to remove. 

07/10/2017 23:56:57
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I's so excited! and glads I's beats Luigi in's.  He's tolds me what a fun game this is!!!!

I's woulds like Orange pawlease.

08/10/2017 00:16:03
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I haf heard about dis furom Luigi, too. It should be fun!

I'll take black purrlease, Mac.

Is it one choice purr cat or dog or ofur fur, or purr furmily?

08/10/2017 01:34:14
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Thanks so much for putting up this fun game Mac!  Always one of my favorites! 

08/10/2017 02:02:29
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Thanks Mac looks like fun♥ I don't think I've ever played before..

Yellow please

08/10/2017 12:05:47

Love this game Mac, thanks for putting it up!  Those of you who haven't played it will fall in love with it...it's so much fun.

Can I have purple please Mac?

08/10/2017 16:44:23

This is neat! Could I haz gray please?

08/10/2017 21:37:09


Can I ask for the dark blue please?

08/10/2017 23:03:29

everyfur!! Great to see you all here!! 

Foofy, that is a good question. It is one post per family per day. I will update the first post to include that.

I will remove the requested squares: orange, black, yellow, purple, white, gray, and dark blue.

So now the game board looks like this:

You can tell me another colored square to remove or you may guess the answer to the puzzle at any time.

Colors remaining:




light blue


08/10/2017 23:09:25
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 I's will ask fur Red pawlease Mac.

08/10/2017 23:27:45
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Hi Mac, Founder, Spice, Blue, Quinn, Wolfie and Teddy! So great to see you all! 

Looks like that rascal Sadie beat me in again.  MOL!

08/10/2017 23:45:00
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Gurls beed sneeky...no dat nut da answur tu da puzzul.

I wils ax fur gween, OK?

09/10/2017 00:17:22

May I have the pink please?

09/10/2017 12:24:46

Good morning!!!!!

Luigi, I saw you coming this way so I told myself it might be a good idea to have a look!

Can I ask for the light blue please?

09/10/2017 12:27:23

I love this game

09/10/2017 13:57:25

Hi all!  Mac, great puzzle.  That is how you solve Blue, if you know it, just post it!  It's a great game.

09/10/2017 15:27:01

Good morning Sadie, Luigi, Tyke, Quinn, Teddy, Blue, Rex and Spice! 

Blue, yes, you just post what you think the puzzle means. Great guess but that's not quite it. 

I have removed the red, green, pink and light blue squares. 

09/10/2017 18:36:49

I's kinds of slows and don'ts quites knows what's it's is.  

09/10/2017 21:27:55
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It has mwe puzzled. Is da arrow part of da phrase?

09/10/2017 22:37:26
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