DC\'s Howliday Card Swap 2017




 Wooohoooo!!  The howlidays are almost here and it’s that time again!   DC’s annual card exchange is here and I hope all of our furiends, old and new, will join us. 

You have until Monday, November 20th  to sign up and I will email you the list of names and addresses soon after.  You will have plenty of time to send cards out but please be aware that cards going to other countries (i.e.  Canada) may take longer to arrive and require extra postage and some places need much longer than others.

NOTE: As this is a card exchange, your address will need to be given out to other members, so if you are under 18, PLEASE ASK FOR PARENTS PERMISSION FIRST!!!


 If you would like to participate, please post here and email me your mailing address and P4P member(s) name.  I ask that you email me so I can better organize my information.  My email address is:


 The card list will only be shared with members participating.

UPDATE:  Also, this year we will do a something a little different.  if you don't want to send paper cards, we will have a separate list for E-CARDS.  Those can be fun too!  And you can sign up for both!  Just let me know in the email you send me which list you want to sign up for.  

So we'll have THREE categories:  CARDS, ECARDS & BOTH.  


 Ok!  Get those cards ready and let's have some fun!!







CARDS                                           E-CARDS                                 BOTH

Willow, Lukie & Care Bear                Rosco                                     Flicka-Mommy Pam

Tessy, Teddy & Girl                                                                         Tyke & Foofy

                                                                                                         Star Tip



Hanna Belle                                    Boris & The Tiny Furs               Riley, Cordi & Enzo

Peter Parker                                                                                    Zander & Family                                                                                                 

02/11/2017 11:07:39

Tyke an Foofy wants ta purrticipayte an I beed ofur 18 laughing.

02/11/2017 09:30:39
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Sign me up! It was fun last year! laughingsurprised

02/11/2017 12:24:01
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I got you in Tykie & ST!!  


02/11/2017 15:36:25

BOL, Tyke, you are the only one who doesn't need your pawrents purrmission!

Sign me up for E-Cards!

02/11/2017 17:09:48


02/11/2017 17:05:42
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OMD! Your reply showed up! Yayy! Usualkly I get the notification but can't see it.

07/11/2017 12:24:54

Sign me up for both please ! Email being sent

02/11/2017 16:20:30
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Ads dat we wils du bof. OK?

02/11/2017 17:06:30
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Do you still have my address or do you want me to send it again?

02/11/2017 20:25:36

Oh, okay.  Sign me up for both.laughingsurprised

Is there an Ecard tutorial, BOL!surprised yell

02/11/2017 23:00:38
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Ok, got you guys in!  I still have your address Teddy and ST!! 

ST, it's very easy to send an e-card and many websites to choose from.  Google e-cards and just look around to see what you have to choose from.  When you send one they will walk you thru the steps.  Feel free to test them out on me if you want to.  hugging emoticon

Did you guys know I still have every Dogster holiday card list I think since 1996?  little bear nodding yes smiley


03/11/2017 09:35:57

Both please, paper and e-card ♥

03/11/2017 10:44:43

Mama says she is well beyond 18 yrs old...surprised

We would like to do cards, please! Do you need address or email info?

We have saved so many cards from over the years, too!

xoxo kiss

03/11/2017 11:42:38

E- cards for me, please🐾


03/11/2017 20:26:01

Looks like I've got your names added Hanna Belle, Blue, Boris & Quinn!

Would everyone keep an eye on the list to make sure you are where you are suppose to be?  Most of you know I mess something up every year.  saying yes nodding smiley


04/11/2017 12:39:38

Seems like pals that do both, should be under cards and ecards too! Or is it my thinking?!embarassedsealed

06/11/2017 14:02:56
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ST, the list will go out that way but here I only have to add their name once.  Giggle animated emoticon

07/11/2017 07:08:10
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We'll be joining soon, just not sure which way we want to go.

08/11/2017 18:11:41
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Just let me know Riley!!  hugging emoticon


10/11/2017 08:16:32

Willow, please sign us up for both. Thank you!!!!!

Riley, Cordi and Enzo

11/11/2017 12:06:08

I got you in Riley!  tHANK YOU!


12/11/2017 07:08:54