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18/11/2017 01:35:50

Away you go folks !

18/11/2017 01:40:32
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I saw Foofy's mom like reading books with animals in.  Mom just finished reading, "To Dance with the White Dog".  This book was also made into a tv movie in 1990's starring Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.  Both the book and movie are very good.

18/11/2017 11:07:54

Wils haf ta tels Meowmie bowt it. Ryte nau her reeding a "Hank the Cowdog" storee. Dat a sereez. Hank beed a funnie dog. laughing

18/11/2017 11:21:45

Love that you are reading the Hank books Tyke.  That is where I did get my name from when the girl worked in the library in Colorado. 

19/11/2017 14:28:12

Oh da dance wif da white dog sounds familiar. I do fink Meowmie saw da movie a while ago. Yes, she liked it.

How cute dat mew were named fur da Hank in da stories.

19/11/2017 15:23:00

Thanks Foofy. 

Another book we really love is called Feng Shui for Dogs  by Gerry MaGuire Thompson.  The dog who came before me got it at doggie daycare years ago but it is still available at Amazon, we checked.

It is very interesting and has wonderful illustrations.  An insteresting concept in the book is the Five Element System in the eyes of a dog.  Very down to earth and practicle and maybe something cats would enjoy too.

We will explain briefly as our pie cooks in the big white oven.

1.  Stick

2. Bone

3. Ball

4. Bowl

5. Biscuit

This little book can provide hours of joy during the holiday season. 

23/11/2017 11:26:32

I would disagree on one point, dogs care more about food dan sticks. Den again, dey sniff dat out. Sounds infuresting, Hank.

23/11/2017 12:35:10
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That book sounds interesting Hank!  Thanks for the suggestion.

Mom just finished reading a book by Canadian author, Lawrence Hill, called "The Book of Negroes".  In the United States it was released as "Someone Knows my Name".  It was made into a mini series last year.  That is a very good book.

23/11/2017 19:07:49

It seems like a real infuresting book, Buddy. Meowmie seldom reads such intelligent novels anymore. She used to read fings like Anne Frank's Diary fur pleasure, and a writing by Frederick Douglass fur an English class. Now she reads light-hearted fare, like books by Alice Duncan or books wif dogs or cats or about ofur furs. Alice Duncan solves mysteries of a sort and uses "ghosts" to help. She's a successful fortune teller who knows she's a fake. But her clients love her and depend on her. She's able to calm dem down and solve mysteries wif just her wit. Charming stories and in her fird book of da Daisy series she got a Dachshund. She does haf Dachshunds in real life as well.

24/11/2017 17:42:13

Dogs do love sticks Foofy.  When we do tree pruning and such Hank goes wild over the stick piles.  Also, he loves chewing on the little pine twigs the trees drop when we sit in the yard.  We think he uses those as a way to clean his teeth. 

The girl usually gets some fiction as well as some nonfiction at the library. 

26/11/2017 09:50:23
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Oh, maybe some dogs are more food oriented.

If mew belong to GoodReads dey are hafing a sale on books fur Kindle (or phone).

26/11/2017 17:52:38
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Meowmie now is reading

Lending a Paw: A Bookmobile Cat Mystery

It's purrty good so far wif a rescued cat riding along (as a stowaway) and on da maiden voyage of da bookmobile run into foul play. It's cute, if mew like cats.

02/12/2017 19:14:59
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Mom loved To Dance With the White Dog!

That book sounds interesting Hank!

Who wouldn't likes cats Foofy?!?

08/12/2017 20:49:04

That sounds like a good book Foofy

09/12/2017 11:33:53
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Okay, mommy's latest favorite books are The Chet and Bernie mysteries by Spencer Quinn. The first in the series is Dog On It. Bernie Little is a private detective and Chet is his partner. Only Chet is a dog. Chet also narrates the stories! And he really is a dog, not a human in a dog's body! For example, in the first book, they are interviewing this woman who has hired them to find her daughter. Chet spies a Cheerio under the table and he zones out on the whole conversation because all he can think about is that Cheerio! They are VERY funny!!

09/12/2017 20:44:20

Mom is currently reading "Fifteen Dogs" by Andre Alexis.  She is about half way through it, but so far she is liking it.

10/12/2017 10:26:23

Buddy. what's it about?

10/12/2017 12:44:46
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Meowmie hadded a kredit fur an audiobook, so dat beed watt her gut an won daye kan lissen ta Dog On It.

10/12/2017 16:22:15
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The Wild Ones, in the book 15 dogs are given human language and intelligence.  For me, the story seemed to be about how intelligence affects our behavior. The four main dogs used their intelligence quite differently: Atticus was a leader, Majnoun was emotional & sensitive, Benjy was cunning & crafty, and Prince was artistic & philosophical. Each had very different experiences. It also suggested to me that intelligence separates us from our more base instincts, which is why the dogs struggle with whether they still are "dogs".

10/12/2017 19:26:16