A Christmas Story 2017!


It was a snowy evening. All the furs were siting in front of a nice fire enjoying hot chocolate will looking at their Christmas tree.

The phone did ring...not the regular phone but the one with the direct line to Santa. All the furs look at each others knowing full well what that did mean....Santa need their help once again to save Christmas!!!!


All the furs run toward the phone to answer and talk to Santa...

07/12/2017 06:22:37

But Bitu was still a bit wary, knowing that unknown numbers usually stood for "robo-calls" or some sort of scam. Wishing that there was a Caller ID box to consult, she picked up the receiver and warily said, "Hello?" The voice at the other end replied, "Is that you, Bitu? Put the Santa Phone on the speaker so I can explain to everybody how we need their help this year."

07/12/2017 07:03:53

The phone was on speaker and Santa said, "All my reindeer are gone. There are other reindeer, but not myne! I can't deliver presents without them. Help me find and bring them back before Christmas."

07/12/2017 07:32:37
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Hanna put down her hot chocolate and leaned forward to hear Santa better.  "Oh no.....does that mean that Rudolph is missing, too"?  "Yes", said Santa"! Hanna's eyes welled up with tears. All of the furs were very upset at hearing this news.

07/12/2017 10:45:12
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*Foofy hands a hanky to Hanna.*

Foofy thought, "Rudolph is gone. I hope he and all da deer are treated well. If not...well, I'll hiss at da purrpretrator. Oh, I'll hiss anyway."

 She turned to Santa and Hanna and asked, "Are dere any clues?"

07/12/2017 11:45:50
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Santa told everyone that there were strange tracks in the snow leading the reindeer away from their pen.

"I think we need to go an inspect those tracks", said Buddy.

07/12/2017 19:18:32
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The mention of tracks put Bitu into deep thought. Was Rudolph able to leave any clues as to their whereabouts, or had his nose been covered to hide the light he might use as a signal to get the reindeer rescued?

07/12/2017 21:24:29
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Hmm. Tyke gutted owt binakulars  furom Kinzy's HK bakpak ta seed if he spahtted a red noze ennywares. He taut he myte seed sum blinkin off in distunce. Du it beed Rudolf? Du he noad Morse Coad? Hmmm, Tyke reelyzed hym nut no Morse coad eefur.

07/12/2017 21:32:21

We have to go to Santa and see if we can follow those strange tracks!

Who wants to spoil Christmas do you think?

08/12/2017 09:51:56
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All the furs rush to pack everything they might need and jump into the HKcopterto get there as fast as they can!

08/12/2017 06:06:56

**Luke grabs a coat & snow shoes and jumps in Teddy's backpack**

As they all rush to the copter they notice the pilot looks a little familiar.  


08/12/2017 07:31:15
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Hanna didn't even notice the pilot as she was deep in thought about who would want to spoil Christmas. The Grinch?....Scrooge? the UPS guy?...hmmmmmm! She didn't tell anyfur but she packed a small container of glitter....just in case!

08/12/2017 10:04:04
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Rosco runs up to the helicopter, clutching a couple bottles of Hanna's favorite throat spray, and a pamphlet on Morse Code.

08/12/2017 11:16:06
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*Tyke was busy staring at what he thought might be a blinking light when he saw the helicopter with all his friends on it*

Wate fur mwe! Wate fur mwe an frow down a laddur soh I kan getteds up wif mew.

08/12/2017 10:06:28
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*Teddy help his grandpa get on the copter*

Is everyfur on board?

*they all lok around and see that they are all there so the copter take off heading for the North Pole*

08/12/2017 18:09:12
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Foofy gets help furom her Angel brofur, Indy, and good pawl, Angel Smiley to get up to da Norf Pole.

She waves to efuryone and yells a hello and I'm here! Rememfur I am young and fast and I blend in in wheat patches and wif oranges if mew want camoflage. laughing And I haf spare glitter.

08/12/2017 16:09:21
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Hank takes off running at about 90 miles an hour and leaps into the copter with a little help from his pawl Buddy. 

I have been smelling trouble and deer tracks all day.  Nice to see you all.I did remember to bring the compass and it is pointing noerth right now.

08/12/2017 19:12:04

Guud ting mew brawt  mewr kompass, Hank! 👍

08/12/2017 20:59:21
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Sadie paws through Rosco's Book.  Does you's thinks that blinking Grampaw Tboy saw with the HK binoculars is Morse Code?

Suddenly they hears a song fill the HKCopter and don't know where it cames from!?!surprised

A screen comes down and a movie comes on!


08/12/2017 21:12:26

The furiends finally amde it to the North Pole and they see Santa wayting for them, he bring them to were the reindeer were staying and Hank and Buddy start to smell around, all the others look around searching for clues

09/12/2017 07:47:17