Tinie’s photos & memories


30/04/2018 18:17:26


Mom gets depressed when she can’t do anything, not even post pics, since they don’t upload.

So this “forum”, I guess, is of no interest for you, just a therapy for her, while recovering🙂

This pic above is Teddy preparing for show with his wrappers on, some sort of a hair tail 🐾

30/04/2018 18:26:45
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Boris.....That is an adorable picture!  Looks like you might be winking! 

30/04/2018 12:15:40

Thank you Hanna Belle😛

Here is Adam judged by Barbara Miller, Barbarella kennels and shown by Auntie Elisabeth

30/04/2018 20:03:28

I do know Mom seems to be the only show freak here, please have mercy🙂 She has nothing she can do except scanning pics.

Here we’re training to walk in leash. 

30/04/2018 20:08:07

Here I am from 2009 when I was BIG at a show in Italy:

30/04/2018 20:21:23

Since I for once have time to paw, I could tell you a bit of my memoares: 

i found out that it was a good idea to mix my showing with something more impawtant: Rescue

It started when mom worked with a project to find out the cause of a disease called byssinosis, a condition after inhalation of cotton dust. 

One of the cotton mills wasn’t a cotton mill, but a puppy mill.

That’s where I came in, so good at sniffing hidden dogs there.

Our rescue is called White Rose Rescue and I am their honored mascot. The white rose, in contrast to the white cotton flower is Mme Plantier.


30/04/2018 23:08:12

I thiunk you are still pretty big Boris!!!!

Maybe I should go practice the walk with you guys, I am the worst nightmare ever on a leash......

30/04/2018 19:49:01

Welcome to us, Teddy😀

Good in any situation to walk in a leash🐾

01/05/2018 01:52:43
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Boris, such interesting tales you have to tell!  I love reading about your experiences.

30/04/2018 20:20:14

So very happy you do, Geordie🌹

I really thought noone would find it interesting at all. 

01/05/2018 02:59:42
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Great pics and thanks fur sharing Boris!

30/04/2018 20:33:57
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Good job on sniffing dogs (puppy mill story), Boris!

01/05/2018 06:06:35

So much needed, I think to mix those rescue operations with shows and show training.

We train for show, so that every dog has a chance to show his/her best qualities. Standing on table, letting unknown people check us and so on.

01/05/2018 17:48:00

Then we organize club shows

01/05/2018 17:51:32

And I am specialist at finding “victims”, looking them out, so they come forward: “ Oh what a sweet dog, he must love me. We must get a dog like him”.

(Yeah, sure.. I only love myself)

This couple bought a Yorkie, of course😀


01/05/2018 17:58:21

I LOVE your photos and your stories, Boris!

Thank you for sharing them, and how you work in your rescue group.

Very Yorkist of you, those white roses. BOL!

I really like the 2009 photo in Italy, your fur is gorgeous!!!!!!

01/05/2018 16:23:38

Thank you Rosco❤️

Yep, my coat WAS super then.

Even I can admit it has changed a bit🤗

Good I have saved my spirit though.

( There is, in Yorkie Society, a very famous photo of a very famous Yorkie, Rolls Royce Corniche sitting of course on a RR.)

I tried to do the same, but have no RR and I am not thT super yorkie, so....


01/05/2018 22:36:28

Yes, most of us are tinies, but it hasn’t been so always. 

As most of you know, we are also GSD’s, for now Caesar and Zorro.

Thought to tell you a bit about them and K9 dogs in a more coherent way.

As most of you also know, mom and also dad have worked “ on the field” in South East Asia, mostly in the beginning of 2000’s.

For us combined very much with K9 police dogs to support the local population with medical techniques, but also for our own support.

You don’t need to be a police or military personnel to use K9 dogs, but you have to be a member of NTPDA ( National Tactical Police Dog Association).

Our GSD’s have been trained for search to find missing people or people in any kind of need situations.


02/05/2018 05:50:16

A job both for us and our dogs that never stops, training on and on. And the dogs must always find it fun, though we don’t always. Gun tests, patrolling, searching for survivors..

But so much rewarding for both dogs and humans

02/05/2018 05:58:48