Ideas and features I would like to have in P4P


Here you can make suggestions and ideas for P4P.
Do not place issues or problems with existing features here.
Things to post are features, like I would like better photo editing, Single sign on for all pets etc.

Additionally, here you can suggest design layout ideas and preferences.  Things like colours, box positions, things that show on feeds etc...


20/05/2018 15:46:55

I think it would be nice to have a thread where we collect links like the one you posted about resampling/ resizing photos f.e. 

20/05/2018 22:51:15

Click on the red "new topic" on the left side and start any thread you wish...

20/05/2018 18:06:55

Thank you for the great thread here.

We would like one sign in for all pets as well as a way to link or show all the family members so that when you go to one of their pages you can then click on another family member and get there directly.  

20/05/2018 14:15:54

Both of those ideas are on the list.

20/05/2018 18:13:49

Thank you! 

20/05/2018 16:30:14

It would be nice to have each groups threads listed under each other.  Example: Doggie Connection (their threads), CT&H (their threads) etc, but still visible to all to play, maybe makes it a bit easier to find them?

23/05/2018 15:03:06

Is dere any way treats could be on our page and a little more purrmanent, for maybe a week?

25/05/2018 12:15:52
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We vote for Sadie's idea.  So much cluter in here for us makes it hard to get to stuff. 

25/05/2018 13:12:36
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There is one little thing that used to be there and is gone that I liked but I think it is already on thelist, the thing that did let us pick size for the writing. It was nice being able to write a part bigger to draw attention to it.

27/05/2018 08:35:17

Yes, dat would be great!

28/05/2018 05:52:23

One other thing...could inactive threads be moved to the back or bottom so we don't haf to go thru all to get to the ones we do play?

29/05/2018 06:56:53
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You mean like this?

29/05/2018 18:31:48

and this... tongue-out

29/05/2018 18:34:25


30/05/2018 08:53:21
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It would be nice to have the members list and our pals list in alphabetical order.

29/05/2018 16:33:56
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Meow!  I'm sure slow.  Thank you so much for getting the Font Sizes Back and the emoticons too!laughing

29/05/2018 17:03:33
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Yes!!!!!!Thank you!!!!!

30/05/2018 07:35:17
I don’t have any font sizes back on my Iphone😦
And right now there is nothing to change color, font or upload my print screen
30/05/2018 16:19:26

30/05/2018 16:49:10

Dey're back!!! Da fonts...emoticons! Fank mew (Meowmie said to spell dat Thank you!) Paul. kiss

30/05/2018 08:52:45
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I am here to try and explain, how momcat see's this site. She gets lost, and when we visit the 'forums' what you all see isn't what she see's, due to the fact that she must enlarge the fonts to 175%, when this happens, the forum topics go bananas~ One word per line, like this:

Milo an

d Mallee's Ma

lt Shoppe Cha

t and Fun Par


it gets 100% and mom can't see it, due to her havin' only one eye and the fact that her central vision is very impaired. We want to come play with our GRAND furiends~ We wants to keep in touch~ So we going to post this in various locations so our fur furiends understand.

Oh I guess I  wont, you can't copy and paste from here!~? This is why it's so frustrating for momcat. 

09/06/2018 18:50:50

How does she enlarge the page? what browser is she using? what type of computer/device is she using?
let ,e know and I will see if there is a better way or different settings that she can should not break words in the middle like that

09/06/2018 21:16:44
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Thanks for replying~ Yes, mom has windows 10 Dell computer and she uses Google for browsing, sometimes Firefox but not often, only when there might be a problem with Google (which has happened). At the top of the window on the right side, there is three little vertical dots. Click there and there is a place to "zoom".  It's at 175% now. Thanks for wanting to help us and momcat~!innocentkissinnocent

10/06/2018 16:57:09
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try this and set the font / size and see if it helps?

12/06/2018 16:35:44