Poll About the Daily Quiz


There seems to be less interest lately in the daily quiz. So I made this poll to find out how we should proceed. Should we:

A. Keep the daily quiz going every day as it is

B. Do the daily quiz every other day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)

C. Make the daily quiz go twice a week (Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday, Wednesday/Saturday, Thursday/Sunday, Friday/Monday, Saturday/Tuesday, Sunday/Wednesday)

D. Do a single quiz question the same day as The New Friday Quiz Game (Thursday morning or Friday)

E. Do a single quiz question once a week on a day separate from The New Friday Quiz Game

F. Make the daily quiz a weekend quiz (including Mondays on three-day weekends)

G. Take a break during summer and start again in a few months

H. Quit until interest builds up again

Write your answer in the thread below and include your thoughts so we can know when and how to proceed. I’ve enjoyed putting up the daily quiz and I hope the players have enjoyed it too.


11/06/2018 22:09:55



Place links and other items on other social media so that we get more users on P4P, then everything get more interesting!

12/06/2018 02:54:06
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Put reminders on Home page when you put it up and if after awhile, say noon PST, if it hasn't been answered yet. When I see your post as last later in da day, I figure it's been answered already. Just a fought. But da Home place is da best place to notify us.

12/06/2018 01:51:29
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I’m only on Facebook, so I put a link to the quiz poll there. But I’ll add an announcement to the main page so whoever sees it can come by.

12/06/2018 07:20:06
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I saw you. I left you a hint. My younger human is visiting my older human today.

12/06/2018 11:59:23

I's thinks you's shoulds does it's efury days, but's it's usually answered when's I's gets ins.  A reminder in the Newsfeeds woulds be's goods.  Likes Foofy, if I's see's you's last I's figured it's beens answered.  Maybe does it's ins the early afternoon so mores gets a chance to's plays.  Just a thoughts.

12/06/2018 15:50:28

I put up the announcement on the front page and the other usual places. Now let’s see who comes by.

13/06/2018 07:32:32
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My person has been very busy lately, and doesn't get here as often as she would like.  I think an announcement on the home page would be good.  If we come here later in the day, we always think the question has already been answered.

13/06/2018 19:27:34
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smileThere's so many threads to see about. Most days I choose 2 or 3. Can't get to them all everyday.

I vote F

07/09/2018 11:26:49
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