Halloween Story 2018


It all started on a nice Fall afternoon in the Backyard.

All the furs were busy cleaning the yard and picking up the fallen leaves. They wanted to clean the place to decorat for Halloween.

Luke had his paws full keeping Teddy from jumping in the leaves freshely put in a big pile. Some were cleaning the pool, others picking apples and Hank was in charge of cleaning the garden.

Hanna Belle saw that there was a mushroom that had not been pick up at the other end of the backyard so she run to get it, it was very red and annoying her in the perfect green of the grass.

She got to the mushroom and pull on it...


"OUCHIIIIIIEEEEE" the mushroom did scream.

Hanna Belle jump back with her eyes very wide open. She touch the mushroom with her paw again.

"Stop that" the mushroom did say

Hanna Belle shake her head and look at the mushroom and say "hello?!?!?"

"Go away" say the mushroom

"What?" say Hanna Belle

"Are you deaf? I said go away" the mushroom had and turn to look at Hanna Belle

"I am hiding here and if you keep that up I will not be hiding for long"


Hanna Belle did think that being very red in the middle of the perfectly green grass was not being very good at hiding. 

The other furs did see Hanna Belle looking funny at a mushroom so they all came running to see what was going on.

"Darn" say the mushroom * How can a mushroom hide with all of you around?"

05/10/2018 06:49:01

Foofy looks at da mushroom and asks how to help.

"If we found mew, den mewr hunter can, too. . . Maybe we should paint da rest of da grass around mew. Dere are pawlenty of us to get dat done. What say mew Mr. Mushroom, if dat's mewr name?"

05/10/2018 05:27:46

Bitu paused from her work of apple picking to investigate the strange mushroom. “Are you sure you didn’t escape from one of those Mario video games?” she asked at last with a skeptical air.

05/10/2018 07:37:03

The mushroom gave Bitu a dirty look and then looked at Hannabelle asking what kind of weird animals they were????  Just then the mushroom's red coloring started to blink off and on! surprised

05/10/2018 10:28:37

The dogs and cats tried not to panic at this sudden flashing by the mushroom. "It might be trying to signal somebody!" Bitu cried. "Somebody grab a phone and call for help!"

05/10/2018 11:16:43

Sadie races ups to's the mushroomie.  You's nots fury nice Mr. Mushroomie!  Don'ts talks to's mez furiends that's ways.  She raises her paw to's takes a swipes and stop at's the blinking mushroomie.  Mez thinks somehows a spells is cast here's!

05/10/2018 13:20:47
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Hank runs over from the garden to see what the comotion is all about. 

I have seen these red mushrooms before and they are not good for pawls or peeps.  This blinking business just doesn't seem right.  It could be a spell or maybe this is some new kind of technology.

Hank gives the mushroom a big sniff.

05/10/2018 14:37:04

 this is going to be scary........

06/10/2018 12:57:18

As Hank sniffs da mushroom, it blinks furiously. Oh no! Hank!  Step away furom da mushroom!

06/10/2018 11:23:10

Suddenly the mushroomie lets outs a bigs puff and it's gets ins Hanks eyes and nose!  Mez eyes are hurting and itching Hank barks.

06/10/2018 14:14:56

Teddy run to fetch a bucket of water to pour over Hank's head

06/10/2018 17:31:58

Hanna helps Teddy get the itchy stuff out of Hank's eyes. Oh Hank, are you OK.....????  They did not know while this diversionary tactic was going on the mean mushroom had moved a few centimeters and it was blinking faster!

06/10/2018 16:53:52

Maybe it's an alien! It eifur wants to infiltrate us or capture us... don't mew fink?

06/10/2018 15:56:47

I know, let's call Toby.  He'll eat it.  He'll eat anything. 

07/10/2018 01:53:05

Maybe best if Toby doesn't eat this mushroom......it doesn't really look good to eat to me......

07/10/2018 08:28:01

No, Toby, you don't want to eat that mean mushroom.....just imagine what would happen after just that puff hurt Hank! While everyfur was discussing the situation the mean mushroom was listening and blinking! foot-in-mouth

07/10/2018 10:43:00

Hmmm. We may need to keep an eye on dat mushroom. It may be signalling da mofur ship.

07/10/2018 10:49:53

“Didn’t I tell you guys so?” Bitu cried as everybody wondered who they should call for help. As some looked toward Bitu expectantly for a solution, she added, “Both my people are away and my older human’s I-Phone is out of juice, so I’m out of luck.” She also remembered that she forgot to bring it along anyway.

07/10/2018 11:19:11

A moving blinking faster mushieroomie!  Sadie is baffled.  She gets a towell to's dries Hank off and feels somethings pinches her tail! 

07/10/2018 14:30:57

The furs look at Sadie after hearing her scream and see another, this one tiny, biting Sadie's tail!!!!

08/10/2018 08:20:49