A Christmas Story 2018


It was the day the furs did pick to put up the Christmas tree.

The tree was big and beautiful and had about a million light in it, all the furs were so very proud. It was time to put the Angel at the top. The Angel was still in it's box in the shed so Foofy and Sadie got to go get it.


Once in the shed, the girls started moving boxes around to get the right one. They move a box and end up noses to nose with an Elf.

Being surprised the girls scream

The Elf scream

the girls scream

The Elf scream

the girls scream

The Elf scream

the girls scream

The Elf scream

the girls scream


Hearing those screams all the furs rush to the shed and see that the girls and the Elf have finally manage to scream at the same time!


Now running out of air the girls and the Elf stop screaming.

Hanna Belle walk up to the Elf and ask why he is there hiding in the shed.


"I am so sorry"  say the Elf"I didn't want to scared anyone but I wanted to make sure I did find the right group of furs"

"The right group for what" ask Teddy

"The right group to help Santa" say the Elf "Are you the furs who do help him year after year?"

"Yes we are" answer all the furs together

"What is going on" ask Hanna Belle

" Well, Santa's mail as stop being delivered and when we did ask the postal services about it they say they did load it on the train to the North Pole but no one saw it come in there yet so we need your help to find it" say the Elf

Teddy, knowing a thing or two about trains thanks to his Humandad ask if they did fallow the tracks to find it.

The Elf tell them that the train is magic and run on magic tracks that apear only when the train need them and that they never show up at the same place twice in a row.

"Do you think you furs can help get the mail back so Santa can get the kids letters?"

03/12/2018 01:48:32
Bitu ruminated as she thought about the situation. “How could a train just disappear without anybody knowing about it?” She thought it was best to try and help out rather than be stuck at home all alone. Just in case Charles got skittish when his person might find her gone, she sent a text for her that read, “If you’re looking for me, I’m here helping to find missing letters to Santa. I’ll get stuff to eat while I’m out with my friends. If I’m late sending an answer, I might be busy or the signal out there might not be the best.”
03/12/2018 03:03:17

Oh no.....Hanna thought.....my letter was in that train, too, and it was a very long letter! She stands there with a question mark over her head! Who ever heard of a disappearing train????? We must do something to help find these letters.

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03/12/2018 05:39:24
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I always though "stealing a train" was a metaphor for futility...yet here someone has gone and done it!

03/12/2018 04:52:35

Hank sniffs around that Elf just to be sure he smells like Christmas. 

03/12/2018 06:35:54
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The elf pokes Hank away with a peppermint stick.  To a tiny elf, Hank seems huge.

03/12/2018 10:15:13

Does he smell OK, Hank? Hmmm, maybe we could pick up da scent of da train...I mean it's not an airplane. Could someone somehow fly it? Or disguise it? When we da last time anyone heard furom da train? Has anyone gotten a ransom note?

03/12/2018 08:07:24
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Buddy also sniffs the Elf and he does think he smells like Christmas. 

Buddy asks the Elf about those magic tracks to better understand what is happening.  "I can sniff out lots of things", says Buddy, "so i'm wondering what those magic tracks smell like".

03/12/2018 13:05:54
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The Elf says it's smell's likes hot chockie, sugar cookies and peppermints.

The furs drools.  Sadie, whose all's knows can'ts sniffs goods crinkles her nose.  There's a fury strange smells ands it's nots a goods ones.  It's smells likes green and something fury bigs.  Looks!    He's looks furmiliars!  They's hears a voice begins to's sings, (You're a mean man Mr. Grinch! . . . )   buts don'ts knows where's it's coming furom.  They turns and as they's does they's see's their Christmas Tree disappurrs!!  

03/12/2018 12:32:03
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Everybody found to their disappointment that they couldn’t run after the tree thief. But traces of green fur made them guess who did it. That and the sound of a cracking whip in the air followed by despairing yelps as the thief made his getaway. Those yelps couldn’t have been from anybody else but Max who would have liked to be anywhere else but hitched to a sled trying to pull the heavy tree away. As irritated as they were about having their tree stolen, they still couldn’t help feeling sorry for Max.

03/12/2018 15:58:03

Will Mr.Grinch ever learn that he can't outsmart us????? Let's go guys, let's teach hime again and save Christmas!!!!

*All the furs high five and run to get ready to go after the Grinch*

"We could start by finding the train's smell at the last station he was seen" suggest Geordie

Bitu take out a map and ask the Elf to show them where it was.

04/12/2018 00:19:04

“Hmmmm....” said the elf as he pondered the train routes on the map. “As far as we know, the last place they were seen was right about here,” he said as he pointed to a particular spot.

03/12/2018 22:49:35

Hanna looks at the spot pointed out by the elf and wonders if this is the same elf that was at her house spying on her! 

04/12/2018 05:18:08

Bitu noticed the way Hanna Belle’s ears went up a bit the way a dog’s hanging ears went when they were keenly interested in something. But why would an elf spy on her? Bitu turned to the elf for some answers, trying very hard not to give in to the temptation to scratch him for spying on her friend.

04/12/2018 03:56:14

Dose elves are supposed to be Santa's helpers. Dat's how Santa knows if mew are naughty or nice. And no Bitu, if mew scratched him, he'd tell Santa.

Maybe da elves can give us more info one where da Grinch went.

04/12/2018 06:53:34

The Elf says he's nots Hanna Belle's Elf on the Shelf, buts it's a furiends of his and so fur he's winks and whispers to's hers you's beens goods.

They's looks ins the yard and the doggies starts sniffing and keeps sneezing as the green furs keeps going ins they's noses.  

Sadie sees some glittery sparkles, buts as quicks as they's seens they's appurrs ins other spots.  The furs decides to's takes ones ats a times to's goes to's the sparklies spot and see's ifs they's cans catch a whiff ofs the train.  Just thens a big colds winds blows ins.

04/12/2018 08:03:07
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Oh no! I don't want to be blown away! I fink we should all gafur togefur to keep each ofur safe furom blowing in da wind to some distant place.

04/12/2018 08:56:01
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“Put your claws out as deeply into the snow as you can!” Bitu called above the roar of the wind. “That should give you some traction!” So everybody huddled together and dug their claws into the snow as deeply as they could, hoping desperately that they wouldn’t be blown away.

04/12/2018 15:31:41

When the wind calm down the furs see that all the green smell is gone.

"I guess we have no choice but to go to the last place the train was seen and start from there"say Teddy as he look on the map" That place is Hay River in the northern territories, that is one of the most northern place we can ride to on a regular train"

All the furs start packing all they would need will Bitu is on the phone getting them train tickets to Hay River.

05/12/2018 00:13:28

When Hanna hears they will be riding on a train she gets very excited! "I've never taken a train ride before", Hanna exclaims!  She grabs her Hello Kitty backpack and makes sure she has plenty of rations and that her phone is charged! 

05/12/2018 03:40:36