Willy's Diary of a growing puppy


Dear Diary, it is me, Willy.

Last week I got to go to what is call a furever home. The humans that did come and play with me at the kennel did bring me to their home.

I liked the ride in the thing call a car, I did get to see a big new world out of the window, I can't wait to explore it but I was told that I need to grow up a little more first.

Once I got to my new home I did find out that the smell that was always on my new humans are the smell of my new big brother Teddy, he is nice, I like him a whole bunch, and the smell of my new sister Girl, she is grumpy and me don't like it at all, something about me trying to chew her or something.

Teddy did show me a big big big mountain of toys, it was so big that I had a hard time to get to the top!

Teddy did show me the backyard where we get to play a lot, lot of things to smell and taste out there. He did also teach me how to play with a ball, that was fun!!!!!!

That night I did find out that I was sleeping in prison. I sure was not happy about it because I wanted to sleep with Teddy but the humans did say that I had to sleep in prison and that was it. I made sure no one was sleeping much that night. Only grumpy Girl did sleep because she is old and as bad ears.

Well, that was my first day at home!


19/05/2019 11:26:00

Dear Diary, it is me, Willy again.

On my second day home I got to meet Teddy's furiends, Junko and Phiasko. Junko is nice but Phiasko doesn't like when me jump on him, I think he is a little grumpy, not Girl grumpy but grumpy in another way. Me, Teddy and Junko we did do what Teddy say is call "getting the zooomies" and I liked it a lot!!! After the furiends did go home I wanted to do more zoooomies even if it was getting dark so I did start to run, run and run some more as fast as I could and I did find out that I am small enough to go trough the little garden fence into what Humanmom call flowerbeds, I call those places muddy playground, Humanmom did tell me to no go there but I kind of was not listenning and, well....did you know puppy can't walk on the thing call water? There was that small shining spot that looked fun to run over but when my paws were over it I did fall in and got all wet and muddy and I was thinking it was funny....that was until Humanmom did pick me up and say I needed a bath....... Me don't like baths, Teddy wanted the bath and I wanted him to have it but Humanmom say I was the dirty one. I don't remember much else of that night after the bath because I kind of did fall asleep wrap up in a big towel all wet and not happy about it at all.

19/05/2019 11:31:27

Dear Diary, it is again me Willy.

Yesterday I did wake up in prison again and I woke up everyone with my screams, I was not happy at all, why was I in prison again.....

Later yesterday the humans had to go to a place call a store. They did not want me to scream in prison so I did go for another fun car ride, humanmdad was staying in the car with me because the humans say I can't be touch because I don't have all the things call shots, I think that is the needle in the butt thingy. Some people were looking at me trough the window and going all AWWWWWWWWWWW he is so cute!!! I know me cute, me is adorable!!!!

When we got back home I had too much energy and I was having fun jumping on everything to chew it and I did find out that there is a very borring thing call "rules"!!!! I am sure someone very borring did make those rules because they are no fun at all..... I don't want rules!!!! One of the stupid rule is not to chew Humandad's toes, how stupid is that? Toes are fun and yummy. Another stupid rule is don't chew the furniture, everything would look so much better if I would chew it!

I did also get to go play in the backyard with Teddy, that was fun but I did stay away from the "pond" thing. And I did get to taste the thing call "cheese", it is yummy!!!!

When it got time to sleep me not sleepy, I did play "try to catch me if you can" with the humans, Humandad did not think that was funny and he did call me the "grinder" because I was chewing on everything but they did manage to catch me and I did end up in prison....again.

See you tomorrow dear Diary!

19/05/2019 11:38:54

Oh Willy, your diary is wonderful and very, very funny! smile

19/05/2019 10:55:14
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ROFMOL! Don't worry, Willy, mew'll learn dere are some rules mew can break. And mew can play "catch mwe if mew can" all mewr life!

19/05/2019 10:42:12

19/05/2019 11:38:26

Barktastic diary Willy!  Ya's a pawful and dat's wonderpurr!  MOL!

19/05/2019 13:17:58

You's ones busy pup Willy!  MOL!  Loves its!

19/05/2019 14:08:07
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What if me don't want to learn rules?

19/05/2019 18:09:47

It just kind of happens whether you want it to or not. : - (


Willy, I love your diary!

19/05/2019 15:21:38

Dear Diary, it's me, Willy

This morning I did wake up in prison once again and me did have to go pee real bad so me did wake up everyone....even grumpy Girl. When I got back inside I did not want to go back to prison and it was already day so I decided it was time to play, the humans were telling me it was not 6 am yet but I have no idea what that time thing they always talk about is. They did make me wait like forever before giving me my breakfast, they say I did not wait more than an hour but I still think it was forever.

This morning the humans had to go to the plant store but it was raining so I did get to wait in the car with Humandad. The plant store is next to a thing Humandad call a track and when we were waiting there was a big noise and a thing Humandad call a train did apear, that was big time noisy but I was not affraid. As the train thing was passing Humanmom got back to the car and Humandad was super busy watching the train thing. Humanmom asked him if he was keeping an eye on me even if he was watching the train and he did answer that he did, then she did ask him why he was letting me chew on the thing call a stearing!!!!

When we got back home I did get a puppy nap and when I got up the rain was not there anymore so I did get to go play outside. I did discover that chewing a stick was fun and I saw a thing call a squirrel!!

The squirrel was getting close to Humanmom so I did bring out the big guard dog in me and I did stand as a Border Collie should and I did get out my biggest and badest bark!!!! The sqirrel got scarred of me and got up the tree and he did start to scream back at me and I was answering him and the humans were laughing at the squirrel. I was big and brave!!!!!!

Dear Diary, did you know the humans kibbles don't smell like mine? I did try to look into their bowl but they were too high for me to see but the smell doesn't lie. I know they love to eat that yummy thing call cheese and I got another little piece again today  and I really love that thing.

That is about my day today, sweet dreams Dear Diary!

19/05/2019 18:28:04

This is the best!  Looking forward to watching you grow up sweet boy!

19/05/2019 19:05:16

Willy, you are going to need to learn to put those things called squirrels in their place! I'm sure Teddy will teach you all about it!laughing

20/05/2019 10:54:30

What a fun diary, Willy! I am looking furward to all your entries!

(BTW, daddies don't watch us as closely as mommies do---even if daddies think they are watching us! So you can get away with more if your mom is not in the room. wink)

20/05/2019 13:33:08

MOL!  Willy!  You's doings grreats and is so's braves!  Ways to's tells that's squirrelie!!  Goods jobs!  Yes, they's makes you's waits to's noms and don'ts shares much with us.  Mez loves you's diary! 

20/05/2019 11:21:25

Meh lubs ya's diary Willy!  Ya's too's cutes and Ah's takin' notes. wink

20/05/2019 12:29:33

I do, too! What an exciting life! And mew describe it so well...it could be a book.

20/05/2019 14:48:50

Dear Diary, it's me Willy! Of course it's me Willy, this is my diary after all! I am just making sure you know it is me.

Dear Diary, last night I got scarred because there is something in my basement that take water out of there and in the middle of the night that thing did not stop working after taking the water out and there was that big noise and the humans got up fast to go stop it and I was in prison with no idea of what was going on. After they did turn it off the humans did take me out of prison and they did comfort me and I did go back to bed like a big boy, the humans say they were very proud of little me!!!!

After my breakfast this morning I did get to go to the store with the humans again but I did stay in the car with Humandad once again, not fair, we are always staying in the car and it was a big and borring parking lot.

They had to go to the store to get something to stop me from getting in trouble because of something Teddy did as a puppy that did put him in trouble first but he say it is not his fault and should not be blame for my troubles and that is so not fair because I would not get in trouble if he had not done the thing that got him in trouble in the first place. I think I need to explain because all those troubles could be confusing for you dear Diary. From what I did hear the humans say Teddy had put a big hole in the vinyle flooring in the puter room, that is when he got in trouble. The humans did not change the flooring because it is a room where no one else goes and there is lot of doggy stuff and plant stuff in there so they did patch the hole with that thing call duct tap. Dear Diary, did you know that duct tap is yummy? That is how I got in trouble, I did start to try to remove the duct tap yesterday evening. The hole is under the puter chaire so the humans got that thing to put under it that make the chaire move better and it is in clear plastic so I can still see the duct tap and I try to still go for it but I can't and that make me mad so I did go taste a book in the bookshelve and I got in trouble anyway and it is all because of Teddy even if he say no way!

After that I got to do my first homework. The good part is that I get yummy treats but the bad part is that Humanmom expect me to get into prison on commade.....I am not about to do that, trust me....no way!!!!

I got to play outside again today and I did find something very yummy out there, DANDELION!!!!!

I don't know why but Humandad is very happy that I am eating all the dandelions, I will have to ask him why.

Once again the humans kibbles did smell better than mines, I did try to jump as high as I can but I am still too small to see, I swear that someday I will find out for sure but I guess there is a lot of that yummy cheese thing in there!

That is all for me today Dear Diary, see you tomorrow!!!


20/05/2019 18:38:26

Yes, I unfurstand mewr furstration, Willy. Mew wouldn't haf gotten into trouble if da duct tape were not unfur da chair. Hey would mew go into mewr prison if dey put some cheese in dere as a treat? But glad mew haf started mewr classes. Da sooner mew learn some basics da sooner mew get to learn fun stuff.

20/05/2019 17:16:17
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