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Whoa -- "scared D cat" -- almost made me run away said Hank.  I don't spend much time with cats at all. Gotta run --.

13/08/2016 22:55:59
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That is beautiful !!

13/08/2016 22:57:51

The girl just keeps clicking on this amazing blue eyed kitty kat.  Such an image.

16/08/2016 17:20:25
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Finally re-starting making the cross stitch Christmas ornaments. Those who were in this thread on the old site saw the first two (below). They haven't been mounted on to  the backing and had the strings put on yet.

Now starting the next 2 ... Juniper and Mistletoe

24/08/2016 22:07:31

Mom still hasn't starting any crafts.  She is still trying to get the stuff in from the garden.  She is waiting for fall to arrive!

26/08/2016 23:22:43

Buddy... same here.. but the heat is keeping me in... but so much to do outside. Lots of indoor stuff to do too.. and arts and crafts are well at the back of the queue !

BUT... I have to try and get these done before Christmas... WHICH Christmas is another matter . 10 more ornaments to go !!

26/08/2016 23:51:56
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The girl is not doing much in crafts -- sewing machine is collecting dust and she checked out a few crafting books at the library.  Low motivation this summer.  Found a mini coloring book and a small box of pencils for the camper in case of sitting in the rain days. 

We did get most of our art prints unpacked and hung on the walls during the last hot spell so that was something to improve our world.  We have been doing a great deal of cleaning and sorting and trying to get ideas.  When you pack up all your fabrics and stuff for 7 years it is almost like going shopping.  Some of it you just look at and wonder where did that come from and why do we have it. 

One book called "Crafting A Colorful Home" by Kristin Nicholas has some fun ideas for hand stamping projects and mural work on walls -- could be interesting.  Maybe try it on a closet wall or door first.  We have a ton of acrylic paints and several blocks for carving stamps.  We will see.

27/08/2016 19:34:59

Stamping and stencilling can be real fun !

My prob is once it starts to cool it leaf season and cut/prune/clear up season.. that takes me to Christmas and January start.

Just never enough time

27/08/2016 21:05:21
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We are doing sweeping season -- -- it goes on and on.

03/09/2016 02:16:50
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Just finished the 3rd Ornament. Juniper. Will go into HL and get the mounting board next week

05/09/2016 03:34:27

First 3 finished. Mounted on board.. backed with Holly green Felt.. and edged with red trim. "Only" another 8 to go !

07/09/2016 07:37:21

Mom likes to dolots of stuff, but her problem is finishing, smile

26/09/2016 01:56:57

Those are really nice Flicka.  We are still busy helping the guy paint the house.  We are doing a bunch of window trim sanding and painting today.    Old house --- not much is even anymore.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       They have to sand so the wood doesn't get too big to fit back inside the main window frame.  Every 1 job is 2 jobs it seems.

07/09/2016 23:08:39
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Thankyou !

I fully understand one job never being just one job.. they multiply here too !!

08/09/2016 06:04:18

Those are beautiful Flicka!  

We know that feeling Hank and Gus.

10/09/2016 04:55:28
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18/09/2016 07:42:02

Great pic Flicka!

22/09/2016 04:15:52
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That photo is stunning!

23/09/2016 03:22:23

So pretty -- love the pinks and oranges together.  Wish we had those Swallowtails here -- we are planting Zinnias and the girl is saving the pretty flowers for seed. 

Hope it works for us -- Hank really likes those Z flowers for some reason.

25/09/2016 23:25:55
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I made the splashes on the graphics the same colour as the spot on the wings.


I love Zin's !!

YES... I save the seed too. Let the flower head stay on the plant till nearly all the petals are dry. Then crumble into a plastic bowl and carefully remove the petals etc.... at the bottom is black "dust" .. those are the seeds !

I planted out drifts of seed under the trees and everywhere.... dont try thinning out ! I also bought a couple of packets of Zin seeds a week and added about 8 more packets !!! Its cheap beauty ! They do need water.. and it was the only thing I did water when we had drought. They flower over and over.


26/09/2016 00:53:20
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