Congratulations on the new P4P, Paul?


I hope everyone will soon be back?

27/05/2020 09:28:53
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 Yes Rosco included?

27/05/2020 09:30:58
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It feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to be back home!!!!!!!

27/05/2020 06:05:18
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 I think this is going to post. Hello, Boris! Hello, Teddy! Hello, everyone! 

27/05/2020 13:59:46
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 Oh, it did post. I was not sure my hello was in the right place. It's so good to be back. 

27/05/2020 14:01:09
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I kind of missed it too. But only one has come by to answer the daily quiz question.

27/05/2020 12:54:22

Well, I can't get here when Meowmie is working. In what group do you have the quiz?

27/05/2020 13:15:41

It's a thread at The New Dog and Cat Playhouse. When you find it, put it on your list of Followed Topics so you can get to it right away. And why does my picture at the top look like it's got a bite taken out of it instead of being properly round or square?

27/05/2020 14:50:53
Fank mew, Paul, fur getting us back!!!
28/05/2020 13:27:53
Thank You for getting us back up and running...Paul
28/05/2020 17:19:13