DC's Virtual Christmas cards exchange 2020 !!!!


Hello guys!


I was hanging out with Foofy and Star Tip and we were talking about our usuall cards exchange and, with all the crazyness of this world, we did come to the conclusion that real mail cards would not make it out in time so we decided to have a virtual cards exchange!!!


To take part it is supermega simple, you just say so here in this thread and you send me your Email address in pawmail with the names of all the furs in the family so that we don't forget anyone and, I don’t know when yet, I will send you all the list of Emails to your Email address so you can send virtual cards to all the furiends taking part in this exchange!!!!!!


I hope I was not too confusing because I sometime confuse myself with my explanations…..




 Furs who will do it:




Teddy & Willy


Star Tip




Wild Ones


02/12/2020 06:52:33
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okay smile

Thanks Teddy!

02/12/2020 16:43:56

Got you in the list my furiend!!!

03/12/2020 07:05:22
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My younger human and I are at different physical addresses anymore, so anything I get would go to the G-Mail box for her. I'm not sure if we have my foster mother's e-mail address. We'll have to ask her before we sign up.

03/12/2020 07:24:46

I'll haf my Meowmie emew mewr Hooman Mom.

03/12/2020 18:53:43

Bitu, go ask and tell us!!!!


I am getting you on the list sweet Foofy!

04/12/2020 07:02:57

Yes, we would love to participate!

04/12/2020 20:41:32

Just send me your mail by pawmail Wild Ones!!!!!! I am putting you guys on the list!!!!

05/12/2020 07:52:20

My foster mother says my younger human can do it for me at her end. But my younger human has still gotten some physical cards from Pen Paws friends anyway.

10/12/2020 02:33:08

Bitu, next year all this crazyness should be over and we will go back to doing real cards I promis you!

10/12/2020 05:35:40

I can't get the mail here to work (not for a long time). Can I send you the address on the Facebook Messenger?

10/12/2020 02:38:17

I bet you can Bitu

11/12/2020 15:52:51
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Reminding Teddy to send the email addresses.

ST is ready to send some holiday cheer!

11/12/2020 15:50:22

I didn't forget dear Star Tip, I just wanted to wait until Monday to see if others would join but I don't think so but I hope!

12/12/2020 07:59:06
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Last call to take part of the cards exchange!!!!!!!!!

14/12/2020 06:42:30

I did send you the list guys!!!!!!

15/12/2020 07:10:10








15/12/2020 15:35:29

I did it Nerys, Celt and Saxon!!!!!!

Guys, look at your pawmails, I did send Auntie Pam's family mail adress!!!!!

15/12/2020 18:18:17

Wild ones, did you get my cards? I ams tarting to worry I might have mess up with the address.

20/12/2020 08:24:48