Had X-rays done this Morning
Publisher: Smokey Bowers on Sep 22 , 17 09:47 AM

This morning Mama took me to the Vet to have X-rays done, for I was diagnosed with having Cancer a few weeks ago, that was removed from left eye lid, along with my eye.  There was an area in front of my heart...

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My Story
Publisher: Luigi S on Feb 6 , 17 08:34 PM

I too wrote too long a bio and am putting it here in case any fur would like to read it all.     Hi Every Fur! After mom's beloved M...

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My Story
Publisher: Sadie S on Feb 6 , 17 07:11 PM

I's guess my bio is too longs, so I's putting it's here, in case any fur wants to reads its.  I's Sadie Sue. This is my long story in a nu...

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Hello... it's me again....
Publisher: Bunny B on Aug 30 , 16 06:43 AM

Well. Mom was a bit discouraged when she found out she had to start over again here at P4P  but she is a determined  woman so here I am lol

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My 2015 Purrems
Publisher: Button Bear Cat on Aug 20 , 16 01:29 AM

I watched dem from da window5 birds standing in da snowBrown and red wif golden glowLike living decorationsIn a Christmouse sceneI watch dem from da windowUntil dem took to wing©Button Bear Cat 1-6...

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My 2014 Purrems
Publisher: Button Bear Cat on Aug 20 , 16 01:20 AM

Der a song dat touch da heartAbout horizons old and newIt make me fink, what dis fingwe looks to as a goalWhen da horizon in front ub mewDer anudder one behindOne mew past and one mew futureAnd dem book...

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My 2013 Purrems
Publisher: Button Bear Cat on Aug 20 , 16 01:19 AM

I is learning to see da pictureDa whole one, not just one pawtAt furst mew see a goggie an antBut den mew see der moreDer ants all ober da pictureDem crawling on da goggieDem crawling on da edgeSome dem...

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A bit about Me
Publisher: Yum Yum Harney on Aug 18 , 16 03:32 AM

Well Meowmie put my story in my bio, but I thought I should write a bit more about me. The most important thing is my hansome furry husband Bonkers and my beautiful kittens Sting and Bean. Like myself Bonkers is a big fluffy cat only he's orang...

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Liddle Paws, Big Step
Publisher: Button Bear Cat on Aug 16 , 16 03:48 AM

I finking about what  a big adventure I is on. I been to uder places and played. I on Facebook and I been to Cathugger, but befur I always have my home at Catster. Catster still der right now, but future not certian. I feels like I step my...

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